Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush X10 Hunting Trail Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

High powered and from a reputable company, the Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush X10 Hunting Trail Camera will blow consumers away with its raw power and features. It’s one of those cameras that comes once in a lifetime, and is at a low enough price point to fit into anyone’s wallet.

Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush X10 Hunting Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush X10

  • 10 MP micro digital trail camera
  • 27 piece high intensity invisible LED
  • Trubark texture swirl camo
  • Wide angle lens
  • Buck Commander brand
  • 9.6 Ounces weight

Key Features


Using a Trubark texture swirl camo, it can fit into any situation in the outdoors that requires it to be hidden. Animals nor people will be able to detect it if you place it correctly. For home security it is a little bit more obvious, so bear that in mind if leaning towards using it for both.

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions are 10 x 5.6 x 3 inches with a weight of 9.6 ounces, putting it on the lower end of the scale. Placement in high places is not a problem since it is so light, and small spaces are perfect for fitting it in. despite the small size it is very good at maintaining its field of view and snapping pictures.

Recommended Level

All levels can use the camera, which is surprising considering all of the extras they packed in. This is a high definition powerhouse that would usually be unforgiving to newbies, yet has good enough documentation to really make it user friendly. Even with the most advanced functions they remain easy enough for the greenest consumer to figure out.


Don’t let the light weight fool you, as this camera can take its lumps when it needs to. It lacks the full weather proofing of more reputable models, but maintains a very solid casing that handles drops and inclement weather well. Remember the better it is placed the more likely it will be able to take on worse weather.

Pictures and Video

The fully HD camera uses it 10MP to snap gorgeous pictures and videos. This is one of the more thrilling aspects of the camera since it produces a lot of power in both day and night time media. Fully HD 720p video recording can last up to 30 seconds, giving you more than enough information to figure out what your prey is up to. This isn’t a cheap 10MP resolution, and customers will get the full 10Mp experience without generic equipment.

Battery Usage

Eight AA batteries are required, and due to the power of the camera it gets sucked up pretty quick. This applies to both pictures and video, so even if you alternate between the two the battery usage will get sucked up about the same. The camera wasn’t made in a way that really preserves batteries, so expect a few months of use before you have to take it apart and apply new ones.


Fully 10Mp and not a gimmick resolution like some other brands. Buyers will get HD in both audio and video that will look great on a high definition television. Up to 27 LED’s are placed across the top of the unit, and when they flash they are invisible to the prey. A wide angle lens is able to catch more of the action than a normal lens, giving you a better field of view. This can help with planning a position in a tree or with trail hunting. Light in weight and affordable, with features that play nice with all users.


The warranty service can be hit or miss from Wildgame Innovations, which is a shame since this is such a powerful camera. Camo design works great for outdoor use, but makes it almost a strictly outdoor camera. Placing this inside for home security would be too obvious and not worth the trouble. Battery usage is high whether using the video or picture functions of the camera. One second trigger speed is good but brings down the more powerful features of the camera, and turns it into the weakest link. Listed as water resistant and weather endurable but is actually average on that front.

How Do People View It?

It’s very highly rated in the community, and is often given out as a Christmas present. Many compliment how great the pictures are compared to the bigger brands and how the setup works well for all of their needs. This includes beginner, intermediate and advanced users. The biggest testimonial about the model is how it performs like the more expensive models from other makers.


With the massive amount of work put into the camera, it will remain a highly valued product. Customers hold it in high regard, and in some ways this is considered the best option for buyers that don’t want to go with the more expensive brands. This has everything they need all in one place, and over the years has become a primary option.

Lasting Appeal

Easily over 5 years, as the product made itself futureproof out of the box. The only thing that would hold it back would be the one second trigger speed which is considered average by market standards. There will be some pushback from the bigger companies that may lower their prices to match Wildgame Innovations, but for the most part the company is in a league of its own right now.


At the current low price these are considered rare cameras that are hard to find. There are plenty at higher prices, so if you see it on the low end make sure to pick it up. They are not mass manufactured enough to keep up with constant customer demand, and are so good that they sell out when put into the open market.

Best Comparison

Crenova RD1000 12MP 1080P Low Glow Infrared Trail Camera is a good alternative, and the only other camera that can really match the Micro Crush X10 for features without a high price tag. The Crenova is full 1080p if that helps, but doesn’t have an invisible flash. The low glow infrared may be just enough to keep away most users, but isn’t as bad as some say. In a head to head the better deal is going to be the Wildgame Innovations model, although there is definitely a good deal going on with the other side.

Personal Opinion

It’s hard to argue with how good a deal this is for all levels. Without the overly complicated settings and customizations of more high profile cameras, they managed to put an equally powerful camera into the hands of anyone that can use it. That is no easy task, and makes the company look like an innovator of sorts. Demand is high for this model at a low price, so it’s going to be harder to find than others. For those not in dire need of a camera at the moment, waiting it out for when the price is right is a viable option. You’re not going to find many cameras that pack this much of a punch and aren’t complete wallet busters.


Better in some ways than the name brands, the Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush X10 Hunting Trail Camera is a solid purchase for anyone. It may falter a bit in the home security realm, but for everything else it knocks it out of the park as a great overall deal.

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