Wildgame Innovation Camera Reviews

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Wildgame innovation cameras are well known for their impeccable quality. They are reliable, simple to use and designed to suit all hunting needs. The cameras can be divided into – Razor, Crush and Commander Series. With a total of 14 cameras, Wildgame innovation has one of the most extensive collection of trail cameras. These cameras just change the way you hunt, they make it better!

Wildgame Innovation Cameras Comparison
Top Rated

Wild Game Innovations Buck

  • New TRUbark HD texture
  • FlexTime + Time Lapse Technology
  • Wide Angle 16:9 aspect ratio images option
  • Photo and HD 720p Video (30sec)

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak

  • 32 pc. High intensity leds
  • UP to 1 year Battery life on 8AA batteries
  • 7 MP micro digital trail camera
  • 32 gb SD card

Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X

  • 1 second trigger speed
  • Black LED flash
  • Flash range maxes out at 50ft

Best Wildgame Innovation Cameras

Wild Game Innovations Buck Commander Nano 16 IR Camera

Wildgame Innovations Buck Commander Nano 16 IR Camera, GreySpecializing in the low cost camera, the Wild Game Innovations Buck Commander Nano 16 IR is another micro cam that is touted as one of the smallest in the entire market. This gives buyers more options for mounting or hiding it, where other cameras would be a hassle to. The exact dimensions are 3×2.25×3.25 and it uses an improved version of their Bark casing called TRUbark HD. This is even more realistic looking than the original and will really be the benchmark for the company moving forward with its Bark designs.

The FlexTime and time lapse technology have been improved considerably, giving you full control of the camera on a schedule and when it should take shots. With the correct setup you could even extend the life of the camera beyond the norm by optimizing picture taking and power saving schedules according to your need. And if you need something that covers a wider range, they have a 19:9 aspect ratio option for the images that will really bring out the detail. Small and incredible powerful, buyers will fall in love with this camera right out of the box.

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera, Realtree Xtra CamoThe Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera is a low priced model from the company that works well for beginners. An attractive feature on it is the Realtree Xtra Camo that can give you good placement of the camera. It uses an invisible IR flash in combination with 32 high intensity LED’s for optimal daytime settings. Nighttime pictures are a bit grainy, but still great considering the price of the camera.

It powers for a full year on a set of 8AA batteries and can support SD cards up to 32GB. For video uses expect standard definition 480p, but of good quality even at night. Information available for each piece of media to differentiate them is moon phase, time and date stamps. With the included bungee cords and some good positioning hunters can feel confident in the casing being both rugged and weather resistant when things get harsh. This is going to be about as low priced a camera as buyers can get that can handle all of these features, which makes it a good buy overall.

Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X LightsOut Game Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X LightsOut Game Trail Camera 8MPAnother low cost model from the famed company, the Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X LightsOut Game Trail Camera is a very interesting mix of features and size. It has the same popular Bark casing that the company is known for with its other models, letting buyers hide it anywhere in the forest without alerting intruders. But the big seller in this product is the Black LED flash which functions as good as an invisible flash. You won’t even get a dim red light while it is surveying an area, and due to the micro size it can go in much more concealed places.

The size of the camera isn’t that much bigger than a modern smartphone, and it takes high definition 8MP images with a 1 second trigger speed. Flash range maxes out at 50ft. but won’t be a problem since this camera can literally go places others can’t. And video duration is a full 30 seconds before it caps out, but that should be plenty enough for a good survey. Accessories bundled are a bungee cord and USB cable, so the model is ready to go out of the box. Small and compact, this is a really good camera and should not be passed up.

Wildgame Innovations Cloak 7MP Trail Camera and Viewer

This unique setup is a medium priced option that comes highly recommended as a kit for those without trail cameras. Focusing on the camera, it is a nicely powered 7MP that can record standard definition 480p video. The 18 infrared LED’s are respectable and have a good range of 50ft. with a passive infrared range of 60ft. It’s a good mix of viewing, although the best pictures will come out in the daytime by far.

Eight AA batteries will last a full year and can take 30,000 photos on optimal settings. But the bread and butter of this package is the included viewer that can take a 32GB card. It has a 4.3 color screen and has many photo manipulation options built into its system. As a bonus it can play flex time and time lapse files right out of the box, and only needs 4AA batteries. Buyers that are not in a good Wi-Fi range and don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking down their camera will find this package the most appealing.

Wildgame Innovations Blade X6 Trail Camera

Looking to blend your trail camera into the background? Then the low cost Wildgame Innovations Blade X6 Trail Camera is just the one you’re looking for with its Bark casing. Not only does it look just like a piece of a tree, but animals won’t be able to tell the difference when they are out and about. The camera uses a 36 piece Black LED infrared flash to take photos and videos. The videos are 480p, so although not high definition they are still respectable and easy to make out. This includes daytime and nighttime videos, with a 50ft. invisible IR flash range and only a 1 second trigger speed.

Eight AA batteries will last the camera up to a year, even with all features activated. Max supported SD card is 32GB, and should cover thousands of pictures and videos combined. Accessories bundled with the package are bungee cords so that you can place it anywhere, getting that perfect position on the first try. The casing is both water resistant and weather durable, so expect a lot of use out of this product. And with the time lapse technology from Wildgame, a large area can be covered by this small camera, saving you both time and money. A nice alternative for buyers that don’t need true HD, this camera will give you plenty of good years.

Razor Series

All cameras in this series run on 8 AA batteries and support 32 GB of storage card. Razor 6 is the basic camera with 6 MP resolution, two piece high intensity white LED for night shots and Anti-blur technology.

  • It has a flash range of 50 ft. The trigger speed is slow at 1 second and it only supports daytime videos.
  • The Razor 6x is same as 6 except that it has a longer range of 60 ft owing to 21 pc high intensity LEDs. Razor 8x brings in an 8 MP camera with 24 piece high intensity LEDs that give it a range of up to 70 ft.
  • Blade 5x comes with a comparatively low price tag of $80 which gives you a 5 MP experience, 18 high intensity LEDs for night captures and is a weatherproof and waterproof camera.

Crush Series

This series has 5 trail cameras all with invisible LEDs, time lapse technology and are weather and waterproof.

  • Crush winter eyes 6 has been designed keeping frigid winter weather in mind and has a resolution of 6 MP. It is mounted with 24 LEDs that give a range of 60 feet.
  • Micro Crush 8x is a 8 MP camera with a remarkable 75 ft coverage provided by 27 high intensity LEDs.
  • Micro Crush 10x is identical to 8x with an improvisation on Camera resolution which has been increased to 10 MP. Crush 10X lightscout has the same resolution as 10x but with a range of only 60 ft. It is also fitted with a 2.4” external screen.
  • Crush cell 8 is the most premium camera from Wildgame innovation and it comes with a price tag of over $400! It is a wireless camera which uses GSM 3G network to send images. It has an 8 MP camera with adjustable size for tree mounting, 70 feet of flash range and uses 4D batteries.

The Commander

The commander series is designed to be very compact. Buck Commander comes with Nano 6, 8, 10, 6 lightsout and 8 lightsout versions.

  • Nano 6 is a 6 MP camera with 65 ft of visible flash range.
  • Nano 6 lightout is specifically for duck hunting and comes with a 8 MP camera with 50 ft range of invisible flash.
  • Nano 8 is an 8 MP camera and has a flash coverage of 75 ft. Nano 10 is similar to Nano 8 but with 10 MP resolution and 80 ft of flash trail.