Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Wild Game Innovations 360 Review

by Allan Lederman

Staying true to their name, the high priced Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera is a big part of the reason why people are so interested in the company. Panoramic view is all the rage these days, and it makes sense that when you’re in an open area to get the most complete coverage possible. Wild Game Innovations plans on bridging that game with this camera.

Wildgame Innovations 360 Degree 12 Megapixel Trail Camera

Wild Game Innovations 360

  • 360 degree IR digital trail camera
  • 1.5 second trigger speed
  • 70 ft IR flash range
  • UP to 6 month Battery life
  • 8AA batteries

Key Features


There is simplicity in the design as it is made to look like a tree bark. Other than the obvious artificial looks, it blends in really well with its surroundings by default. This is because other cameras have an unnatural square shape to them, while the 360 has a round shape.

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions come out to 3.5x2.8x3.2 and it is taller than it is wide. That makes sense since it won’t be in a hiding space or high up place like a regular trail camera. The camera comes out at only 1 pound, weighing a lot less than it looks. The lightness is something to take into consideration, and you may want to bolt it down in whatever location you settle on.

Recommended Level

All levels can use this model, and the initial setup is not confusing at all. Part of the charm with this device is that it offers an advanced function without any previous knowledge. The manual is very straight with its wording and should be easy to read for all levels.


Durability isn’t that great, and in bad weather you can expect it to take punishment. At this point you can expect average durability from the camera, and even debilitating functions in severe weather. That great shot that would get caught by another camera in bad weather will be missed by this one.

Pictures and Video

Surprisingly the photos are really, really good. Considering that it takes a lot of power to do 360 degree photos, they still pushed the limit with a 12MP resolution. For video that processing power is cut a bit and it only spits out 720p max. It really has an above average pair of lens packed in the case.

Battery Usage

Up to 8AA batteries are required for it to function, and even then you are looking at 6 months. This is a lot better than expected since the pictures that it takes are almost 4x the size of regular trail cam photos. The life may be short compared to other cameras, but it is perfect for what this model does in an open field.


Full 360 picture taking lets you get a perfect sense of where everything is in your environment. Strong 12MP camp that takes gorgeous photos in the daytime and nighttime, with 70ft. of IR range to play with. T post mounting bracket is included so you can secure it to a spot and not have to worry about it moving. Batteries are much better than expected for this model, and performance is in the upper tier levels. Price is high but not unreasonable, while some cost twice as much for the same features. Accepts SD cards up to 32 GB in size for all of your photos and videos.


Although listed as weather and water resistant, it doesn’t apply to the actual performance in these conditions. It will not fare well and take horrible pictures and videos in inclement weather. Being out in the open it would have been nice if they put in an option for a security code so it isn’t stolen. Product is much too light and may shake a bit if not properly mounted with the included bracket. Video is only 720p despite a 12MP camera, which means the components are not powerful enough to handle the video. And even so, there is a noticeable difference between their 720p video and Bushnell’s.

How Do People View It?

The product is bought most by people who have large plots of land that need to be monitored. There have been complaints about mounting or adjusting it, and a lot of customers have gone on to create their own mounts or find another way to make it adjustable.

Everyone loves the coverage and compliments the pictures, but there is not much mention of the video it takes. The video is indeed a bit below other cameras, but it is still high definition. Some customers are finding a preference for this model rather than for their regular trail cameras which have a limited view.


There aren’t a lot of quality 360 degree cameras available, so it holds its value pretty well. What you get in the box along with the savings on batteries will justify the purchase even more. Even if you buy the highest tier of camera, if it doesn’t have 360 viewing then it can’t compare to this camera. It becomes an apples to oranges comparison, and this is one of the few cameras that can really stand on its own merit.

Lasting Appeal

Because it is in a category all of its own with a few, it’ll last for years. The only issue is whether it can withstand torture over the years due to its average durability. That will be the major reason why the appeal can turn from good to low on this product, and limit widespread buys.


They aren’t in short supply at all, as customers try their feet at it. While the technology is anything buy new, not everyone has adopted it. Over the years they may improve on it, but nothing too major should come out in the next few years that will make this a must have item that is hard to find.

Best Comparison

For around the same price you can get the Browning Recon Force BTC7FHD Digital Trail Game Camera (10MP) with Sony 16GB Memory Card. That’s a huge deal and works as a starter bundle with this high definition camera. At only 10MP it does 1080p video at 1920x1080, and has a flash range of over 100ft. For buyers that aren’t too keen on the 360 picture taking, this is a nice alternative to get off of the fence and make a purchase.

Personal Opinion

With 360 cameras covering more area than regular cameras can hope to cover, it becomes a tale of two different types of cameras. The Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera is not a niche camera and should be taken seriously if you require a complete view of the field rather than a narrow angle.

Many customers have dropped their traditional trail cameras in favor of this cameras abilities, which is no coincidence. It really does have a place in the industry, and more people tend to adopt it every day. The low durability may be a bit of a turnoff for those look for a complete and long-term solution, so your mileage may vary.


A huge amount of work went into making this the best bang for the buck for the consumer, and they did a pretty good job of walking the line. Out of the few 360 cameras available, this is one of the best you can get. There is no better way to get coverage of an entire area than with this camera.

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