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Hi, my name is Allan and you have probably found my website because you have been looking for information about a specific trail camera to help you with your hunting (also known as game camera). Or you might just be looking for general information about trail cameras, how to choose one, as reading trough the technical jargon producers use can be daunting and unreliable.

What ever the reason is, you have come to the right place as this site is packed with reliable, well researched, and helpful information articles and reviews to help along the way to picking up that perfect trail camera.

I will not claim to be a expert on game cameras as I am just a normal guy that loves to hunt and trough the years I have used dozens of trail cams to help me with my hunting and along that way I have researched well over 50 cameras and I know the things that are important and the things to avoid when it comes to choosing the right cam for your hunting experience.

Trail cameras make for an indispensable tool on your hunting expeditions so if you are looking for trail camera reviews to help you find the the best trail camera, our ratings and buyer guide can help you find the perfect trail cam for your need!

Trail cameras lend an edge to the whole experience of the game. A number of cameras with incredible features are available in the market. The entire process of choosing and buying an appropriate game camera can be exhaustively overwhelming especially if you are buying them for the first time.

Deciding on the functionality that are required, the ones that are not so important, and then fitting it all in a budget is a huge project in itself. Buying a Trail camera needs a very careful thought out decision.

One decision will determine your future expenditure on accessories, maintenance and power backups as well. This guide will help you in understanding and prioritising your expectations from the camera; so that you are loaded with all the information before you step into the store to make that purchase.

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The primary factors affecting your purchase and budget could be:

  • Whether you want printable photos or just intent to look at what is going on around.
  • After this comes the placement of the camera. Will it be on private land or public land? Will it be close to a city road or back in the woods? The fear and possibilities of theft depending on the activity level of the area may affect your decision here.
  • Next is your comfort with the technology. Are you seeking a camera with multiple options or just want a ‘set’ and ‘forget’ one? What would you prefer, flash or infrared? Some cameras use flash to illuminate the area in the night time, however, most use infra-red to see in the dark and not disturb the subject but they are often expensive.
  • Memory and batteries are another factor to pay attention to and their choice will depend on the capability of your trail camera. Choosing between SD cards or Compact Flash (CF) cards and new or rechargeable batteries can also be a ‘pocket factor’.

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