Last Updated: November 11, 2020

Tasco Game Camera Reviews

by Allan Lederman

Tasco is a brand famous for making telescopes. It has come up with a basic trail camera which is specifically designed for hunting games. Reasonably priced, rugged and weatherproof, it is an ideal companion on your hunt. It is an easy to use and install camera which comes with a detailed manual with pictures, and Tasco’s trustworthy name.

The Camera

Model: 119256CW

  • It is a 1.3 Megapixel camera with a flash range of 30 feet only. It has 15 invisible LEDs for the covert games and an LCD display.
  • Trigger speed is quite slow at 1.3 seconds and much higher than most of the brands in this class.
  • It comes in a compact size of 120mmx94mmx46mm and supports a 32 GB data card. It has an adjustable photo delay and captures up to 3 images per trigger.
  • The battery life is up to 6 months since it uses 4 AA lithium batteries. It is a weatherproof camera and comes with auto exposure and auto balance features.
  • It adequately supports both photo and video capture. It also has the date, time and moonphase stamp feature.

Post Purchase Support

This camera comes with a very detailed and helpful manual which covers everything about the camera- Parts, glossary, set up, features and FAQs. The pictorial representation assists in understanding the instructions clearly. If the manual and FAQs are not able to help you then you can contact the efficient customer care department to take care of your camera related queries and complaint.

Tasco 5MP Trail Cam

Tasco 5MP Trail Cam with Night Vision

Tasco 5MP Trail Cam

  • 5-megapixel trail camera 
  • Super-quick trigger time
  • Runs on 4 AA batteriesSD slot with up to 16 GB capacity
  • 15 LED night vision flash
  • Battery life: 180 days

Low priced and still a good buy, this Bushnell branded camera (formerly Tasco) is from the inventory of the former company before they were bought out. Going out with a bang is a good way to describe it, as the Tasco 5MP Trail Cam with Night Vision can compete with some of the cameras in Bushnell’s lineup. It has an average but strong 5MP camera that has good night vision for the size. Trigger time is quick enough to where you won’t get any unnecessary blur, and the way it is built makes it easy to hide in plain sight without alerting either prey or intruders. This is a lot smaller than other cameras on the market, and can run faithfully on 4AA batteries for up to 6 months at a time. This puts it on par with the better cameras on the market, as many of them need 8AA’s but can’t get up to the 1 year mark even with advanced power saving features.

They did manage to cram in a video mode but it is in standard definition and won’t look pretty on a big screen. It’s still nifty to have if you want motion for specific events. At night the camera depends on 15 LED lens with flash that is good up to 30ft. This is very much a beginner camera for game hunting or security, and considering the price it comes out about right for those that are looking for this type. The LCD display uses black and white text, so nothing too confusing and with a menu just about anyone can navigate. The max supported SD card is 16GB, so keep that in mind since it is half the capacity of what the current market accepts. Small and still worth a buy, this is camera strictly for beginners.

Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera

TASCO 3 MP Trail Camera

Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera

  • Full color, high resolution images
  • 30' Xenon Flash for nighttime images
  • Date, time and moon phase stamp
  • 2GB SD card
  • LCD Display: B & W text LCD
  • Battery Life: 90 Days

Another camera in the same swan song after Bushnell claimed them is the Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera, which is a lower resolution than their 5MP but still comes in at the same low price. The difference is this camera somehow seems a bit more polished in certain areas than the 5MP version. Pictures still come out great despite the lower resolution, at night is where the camera really shines by taking advantage of the 30’ Xenon flash, giving birth to magnificent night images. A lot of information can be embedded in the photo like time, moon phase stamps and dates so that you can better organize them. The 3MP version also has one of the best sensors of all their cameras, and can reach as far as 45ft. It’s a very good little camera but there are some drawbacks to speak of.

The max supported SD card is 2GB, which is lower than a pay as you go phone’s internal memory. There are options to get around this by overwriting old photos, but in a high traffic area 2GB will go very fast, especially if used for game hunting. The best use for this is rather for home security, since the traffic in the area will be a lot less and the detection range is good. As long as the buyer understands the weakness of this camera and doesn’t attempt to use it for game hunting then it is a good purchase. As a small camera that you can hide within your home for security it doesn’t get any better than this. To save some camera space the user could always use its 1.3MP mode, but it is recommended to always keep it in 3MP for the best quality photos. Still a decent contender, buyers will love using this for home security.

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