Stealth Cam STC-P12 Game Camera Review


Stealth web cam went all out with the STC-P12 6.0 Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera, among minority cams that has attracted as several business users as it has household. The affordable price camera has a lot of benefit as well as can be marketed in a pack for any person that desires complete protection. This is a massive alter from what is typically supplied in lines like these, so makes it stand out somewhat. The incredible offer that it is just improves the more you buy, so for customers that are looking for a bulk option to their path cam or residence safety requires, this will certainly fit the bill perfectly.

Stealth Web Cam STC-P12

  • 6.0 Megapixel

  • Mini USB result

  • 12V power jack

  • 12 IR Emitters/ 50ft array

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  • Burst Setting 1-6 images per causing

  • SD Card port as much as 32GB

Inspect Latest Price

Trick Features


Specialist as well as to the point, the designing is neutral for both house safety and security and also route hunting. Nothing concerning it won’& rsquo; t stand out too much although it would have been preferable if they made use of a darker shade. From a distance it can blend in just as great as any mossy oak or camo design, as well as won’& rsquo; t be a telltale sign to any individual not looking for it. The instance is very easy to open up as well as not a discomfort that a few of the other greater end cases can be. Opening it to place batteries is a breeze, as well as the same gets when you want to switch out the SD card.

Suggested Level

Newbies to intermediate individuals will certainly like this item greater than any person. Easy to comprehend with controls that are easy to tailor are the numerous reasons that this is advised for those levels. Now for the advanced customer, this electronic camera is a bit under what they would anticipate out of their versions. As a matter of fact it is woefully underpowered for an innovative individual, who would certainly be better off getting something with more as much as day attributes. The only means this would certainly benefit an innovative customer is if they took advantage of the bulk discount rate with home safety and security in mind. It’& rsquo; s a good setup to think about, however few sophisticated customers will trouble with it when far better alternatives are available.


You can doubt a lot of features of this video cameras construct, but the one point that can’& rsquo; t be wondered about is the sturdiness of the case. Utilizing a digital 3-d camouflage housing with outside display screen, it stays remarkably secure even for the rate. The casing on this camera even vanquishes a whole lot that are double the cost. Considering that the camera is used equally as much inside as out, the LCD being just as good as it is ends up being a huge benefit. The external display won’& rsquo; t suffer from nicks or normally poor layout imperfections, and also will remain an useful part of the plan for several years.

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Purchasers obtain a substantial price cut if they purchase these in sets. It can be bought right as much as a pack of 6 for a nice discount rate, something that is appealing to a lot of organizations and also homes. EZ dial programming is a breeze to utilize and doesn’& rsquo; t require a heavy technical background. Several electronic camera features like burst mode and image stamps are at the premium degree both with high quality as well as terms of use. Digital 3-D camo real estate is top notch for both looks and high quality, and also will last a very long time also if you use it outdoors.


The very same glossy real estate might not be the most effective camoflouge for path hunting, although it won’& rsquo; t be a telltale sign. Megapixels are secured at 6 with no variables, and also video clip recording maxes out at 15 seconds. With no high definition options, both the images as well as video clips will certainly looked washed out on a hd tv if you try to present them. Low battery indicator is handy yet does not work right when utilized with cheap batteries. For buyers that are intending on obtaining a great deal of these video cameras, the less expensive choice would certainly be to utilize those very same common batteries that cause issues.

Consisted of Devices

Nothing is included beyond the basic guidebook and instructions in package. However in an interesting spin, it works with Python cords in situation you wish to safeguard it to a repaired location. This is wonderful information on the accessory front, and also unexpected considering that they wear’& rsquo; t promote its compatibility. Purchasing and also using a Python cord with the video camera is not an expensive challenge whatsoever, and will attract a wide variety of individuals that didn’& rsquo; t purchase video cameras with protection codes constructed into them. Apart from that there truly isn’& rsquo; t anything to shriek around on the accessory degree when it involves the Stealth Webcam.


The value with this camera is going to stop by getting it wholesale. At the existing price, it doesn’& rsquo; t make any kind of sense to choose among these cameras over any type of other single electronic camera on the market in the very same cost variety. Yet when purchasing them en masse, they gain a various kind of worth that can’& rsquo; t be matched. Try to take advantage of it in a company sense as well as you will certainly obtain a substantial offer out of it. As well as for household customers, conformity with the video cameras is a have to for residence protection. The worth once more is high, but only when acquiring multiple devices.

Lasting Appeal

The same point applies with the charm as it finishes with the value. Out of the box, the cams already have actually dated specifications if they are not made use of in a team and also as a main trail video camera or security electronic camera. They are far as well weak to work with their very own, so as a collective the allure is better. Having cam’& rsquo; s with similar specifications assists in scenarios where one of them drops and you require to do a substitute. Anticipate for these to last over a decade with hefty use, despite how you utilize them. They will make up for their lack of power as well as features gradually with the in advance price cut.

Ideal Comparison

There really is no comparison for the Stealth Web Cam STC-P12 6.0 Megapixel Digital Scouting Cam. While some business use a similar discount for acquiring in teams, their price cut isn’& rsquo; t as steep nor are the cams virtually as reputable. This is a great set to acquire for residence safety and security, business as well as trail hunting. It will not falter throughout the years and the parts will certainly hold up well, while the video cameras operate in tandem practically easily. The only means to get this kind of unity would be to purchase numerous low priced video cameras. Completion result would be the same price, yet not the exact same performance.

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Personal Opinion

Bulk deals similar to this don’& rsquo; t happened usually, and when they do, they are not from a good business. While the cameras might not be worth their salt to purchase independently, as a group it is an unsurpassable deal. You can set up factor A to direct Z with this plan, and that is what it really was created for.


An one of a kind bargain that will stand the examination of time, this is another win for Stealth Cam and also their line of products. Many businesses are utilizing the electronic cameras in their safety and security, which number will certainly maintain going. This is currently the most effective bulk package of safety video cameras that you can acquire.

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Stealth Cam STC-P12 Game Camera Review
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