Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

Another fully featured camera from the Stealth Cam lineup, this is one that may have flown under the radar for some. The low price is attractive enough for several consumers, and there are plenty of features that can be customized to personalize the trail camera for every user. It is just the right size for any situation, and can be hidden anywhere for security or game hunting. The in and out performance of this model is really a marvel, and they manage it without overcharging the customer.

Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera

Stealth Cam G30 Triad

  • 8.0 MP (3 Resolutions) 8MP/4MP/2MP
  • 16:9 Wide Image Ratio
  • SD Memory Card capacity up to 32GB
  • 5-59 sec / 1-59 min recovery time out
  • GEO-TAG GPS Tagging
  • Secure Lock password protection

Key Features


The only color available is tree bark, but don’t let that discourage you. It is a good all-around neutral color that doesn’t stand out, even when used in a home setting. That’s the important part, since you don’t want the location to be revealed. The IR emitters flank both sides of the camera, with the sensor right below it. This is the perfect positioning for both and one of the reasons why styling can be so important-that top portion is pretty much all you need to be concerned with when deciding on placement of the camera as a whole.

Recommended Level

With all of the optional manual programming and customization, some may consider this an advanced camera. In some cases it is, but these are very user friendly advancements that come with a long set of instructions. Ideally anyone can use this camera if they do the necessary reading. Even the high end features are accessible to the new hunters if they spend a few minutes in the manual. Beginners and up will be comfortable with the camera, and it may be a good way to introduce them to advanced features of other brands without overwhelming them with specific instructions.


The case is rock solid and nothing short of a marvelous piece of construction. There is a little bit of fool’s gold with the design, because as rugged as it is, it is not weatherproof. Heck it isn’t even waterproof, but is still very dependable. So while heavy weather in the area may prevent pristine images from being taken, it shouldn’t do damage to the camera. And unless you plan on going swimming with this like a GoPro, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it getting waterlogged if it is tied to a tree.


It is a full 8MP so you’ll get high definition images with video recording that lasts from 5-180 seconds. These images are very good quality with the video being just above average when compared to competing cameras. With 30 IR emitters expect a full range of 80ft. and a trigger speed of only .5 seconds. That’s very fast, and when combined with the Matrix Blur reduction, you’ll get less bad pictures and more of the ones that make the difference in the hunt. When manually programming the menu it uses backlighting which is essential for when programming in the dark.

No more reaching for your cellphone light, as everything you need is right there. For those that want to take test shots, it can be operated manually. This will give you a good idea of whether your placement is correct, or if something may be blocking it that you can’t see. Password protection is built into it, keeping thieves and wannabes at bay. There is support for SD cards up to 32GB, and with the variable resolutions that can be changed to 4MP and 2MP, you could potentially hold thousands of images on the camera at once.


The only really major con is the casing, which although rugged, is not the weatherproof/waterproof stud like bigger competitors. To be fair those types of cases are for the extreme user that lives in places where bad weather is to be expected. And being weatherproof doesn’t guarantee great images, it just guarantees your camera won’t go crazy while there is a huge thunderstorm in the areas.

The 8MP is great, but it could’ve been better on the video front for people that wanted to display it on their high definition television sets. There is also some noise introduced to the video if it’s too dark, but that is expected with this model since there really isn’t great night pictures.

Included Accessories

This is a barebones purchase, so don’t expect any gifts from Stealth Cam. The low price for the camera is already like giving away the camera for free, so to add accessories of any kind would only raise the price. These aren’t really accessories, but they did add the option for video and USB output. Considering the nice power of the unit, it has just enough to output decent pictures and videos to any television in your home. The pictures will fare a lot better than the videos, though.


As a barebones camera that has a lot of professional features attached to it, the Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera is a tremendous value for all levels of users. It is very user friendly, which can be something that is hard to find with a camera packing this many options. It has a fast trigger speed, and great power, and a pretty decent case. These are all things you look for in a camera for security and hunting, and it scores great in just about all the categories.

Lasting Appeal

Buyers will be futureproof for a while, as 8MP is a very strong resolution for any type of format. The only thing that may aggravate some users over time is the video capabilities which are already average right out of the box. Video quality over time will degrade as there are already plenty of cameras on the market that put it to shame. So while the pictures will hold up just fine in a few years’ time, the video will quickly become a feature that you won’t use, and may even be obsolete right out of the box.

Best Comparison

Little known but powerful, the Bestok 12MP Digital Infrared Night Vision Outdoor Waterproof Wildlife Cam does everything the Stealth Cam G30 does but only better. It has a more powerful resolution, it does night pictures and video better, and it even comes with a starter SD card. So you may be thinking why is the Stealth Cam G30 a better option? Better company, of course. While many reviewers both professional and residential stand behind the G30’s quality, the quality of the Bestok is going to be hit or miss. It’s better in this situation to go with the proven hardware, and that’s obviously with the G30.

Personal Opinion

They could have done a little better with the resolution and the casing, but this is still a really good camera at an incredible price. Something that hasn’t been touched on yet is how great it is with batteries, with power saving features that will blow many away.


Expect to get a great quality camera for both indoor and outdoor use with the Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera. It has a few shortcomings that are outshined with its many advanced features and usability. This is one of the better cameras on the market, so don’t miss out.

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