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Spypoint Game Camera Reviews

by Allan Lederman

Spypoint’s mind blowing collection of 27 cameras makes the best collection of cameras with an awesome variety and features.


HD7, BF6,8 and S-BF6 and 8 make come with a range of 65 ft ,have invisible LEDs except HD7 and have black & white night mode. The series 8 has a resolution of 8 MP whereas 6 and 7 have 6 and 7 MP respectively. HD7 and series 8 have 46 LED’s as compared to 35 that of series 6.

Have a look at best Spypoint trail cameras;

Best Spypoint Game Camera

Spypoint FORCE-11 Trail Camera

SPYPOINT FORCE-11 Trail Camera, Camouflage

Spypoint FORCE-11

  • 11 megapixels
  • 42 invisible leds
  • Ultra compact
  • Hd video with sound
  • 12 Ounces weight
  • 6 AA batteries required

Coming in at about the mid-price range is the Spypoint FORCE-11 Trail Camera, which has a nice power set when compared to other cameras of the same size. It uses 42 invisible LED’s to and a high definition 11MP to get photos and videos with audio. Although it is listed as ultra-compact it is only a bit smaller than normal game cameras, but the size is still nice if you want something smaller. It only uses 6 AA batteries for full operation, and has a 2.4 inch screen for viewing all of your content directly on the device.

The distance detection sensor is completely adjustable, and has a range from 5-65 ft. Adjusting this to your liking will save battery power and even show a slight improvement in trigger speed in smaller areas. For what it does, the motion and time lapse features are very well rounded, and if you use a combination of both, there really isn’t anything you’ll miss out on. Dimensions of the unit is 5x3.8x3.2 and it only weighs 12 ounces in total. Night time viewing is pretty good, and considering the price it does perform well for a mid-tier camera. Consumers that are anxious to get an all in one Spypoint device will be pretty sold with this model.

SPYPOINT Tiny WBF Wireless Trail Camera

SPYPOINT Tiny WBF Wireless Trail Camera

Spypoint Tiny WBF

  • 2.4 inch viewer
  • 8 Megapixels
  • 38 Invisible Black LEDS
  • HD Video Recording
  • 2.4" Viewing Screen
  • 12.8 Ounces weight

Hunters that have the perfect spot for their camera and that don’t want to move it will be in love with the Spypoint Tiny WBF Wireless Trail Camera. The wireless single can transmit photos that are up to 250ft. away, all without disturbing the secret resting place of the camera. It’s important to note that this does not let you wireless transmit photos across the world, but rather that it has a black box that can communicate with the camera so that you can leave the camera in place while you retrieve your photos.

On the unit you will find a 2.4 inch viewer for watching gorgeous images and videos taking with the 8MP camera. And with 38 invisible LEDS to take all of this HD content, you won’t miss any of the important shots if you have good placement. Since this is an upgraded version of the Tiny-W2, owners of the original will be quick to learn the new features and hardware upgrades. Buyers that don’t need full coverage wireless will like this as a solution for a game camera that falls right between good and great.

Spypoint Hi-Definition Video 1080p 5MP

Spypoint Hi-Definition Video 1080p 5MP Hunting Edition

Spypoint Hi-Definition Video

  • Full HD action camera
  • Time Lapse mode
  • Features 1 button remote control
  • Waterproof down to 30 ft.
  • Shock resistant
  • Sound recording

Things got really serious for the company when they introduced the Spypoint Hi-Definition Video 1080p 5MP Hunting Edition. This high priced camera is one of their top tier units, and does not try to hide it with such a long feature list. Although this can be used as a regular stationary game camera, it is also built to be mounted on a bow, scope or forehead. It is a fully working HD camera that can take photos and video, and is even shock resistant and waterproof down to 30ft.

This would be an idea camera to use in areas where it rans a lot, and previous camera house has failed you. Rather than using standard SD cards it uses Micro SD, the same kind found in smartphones. This means the storage capacity is cheaper per GB, and if you need it there is a TV out port. USB functionality works out of the box, and it doesn’t use proprietary USB. If you’re worried about the weight, take solace in knowing it only weighs 4.8 ounces. This is one of the best all-around game cameras on the market and a good choice if it is in your price range.

Spypoint IRON-9 Trail Camera

MCSTREE 6MP Invisible Infrared Camera

Spypoint IRON-9

  • 9 megapixels
  • 35 invisible leds
  • Video with sound
  • 6 AA batteries required
  • 1 Pounds weight
  • Camouflage

Boasting a 9MP camera, the Spypoint IRON-9 Trail Camera skirts just below the low price range to really be an option for most. It also uses 35 invisible LED’s to capture photos and video, with the latter having really good sound capture abilities. This is one of the rare ones in their lineup and you don’t see it a lot, so if you get your hands on one it’ll be one of a kind. Light and affordable, it is only 7x5.5x2.8 and weighs 1 pound total. Using only 6AA batteries, buyers won’t have to waste too much money on powering this little unit for long.

Range that it is most capable seems to extend just beyond 50 yards, so it has some advantages in that area as well. At night time there are covers that you can remove from the camera to improve the photos, but it is completely optional to do. Even without the removal, nighttime photos are pretty good and don’t require any intervention on your part. For the price this is a really good alternative to what is out there and may end up being a real winner for some.

Spypoint 6MP Invisible Infrared

Spypoint 6MP Invisible Infrared Camera

Spypoint 6MP

  • 12 volt external jack
  • USB and TV port
  • 6 megapixels
  • Color pictures by day
  • Black and white by night
  • 1 Pounds weight

An interesting model in their lineup is the expensive Spypoint 6MP Invisible Infrared Camera. Considered to be a legacy model at this point, it is still one of the more highly regarded in their series, and because of that a lot of people continue to hold it in high regard. The camera is a low but strong 6MP, with clear and crisp black and white pictures taken at nighttime. That is one of the selling points, as it does nighttime pictures really well if placed properly. There is no noise or distortion, and when you use the TV port to transmit it to TV, most are pleasantly surprised.

Since there is no video option in this version, the actual 6MP doesn’t really hurt picture quality, leading to a huge battery saving cost and more available space. If you are lucky enough to have it near an outlet, it has an optional 12v external jack so that consumers never have to buy batteries again. It is a really good old-school camera that gets the job done the first time around. If videos aren’t important to you, then this legacy camera is the best thing that Spypoint offers.


All cameras of this series have invisible LEDs with up to 65ft range and support HD videos. BF12 and SBF12 are 12 MP cameras and have 3” display screen. BF10 and SBF 10 give out a resolution of 10 MP and have a 2.4” screen. The SBF 10 and 12 series has a black exterior whereas the BF has a camouflage cover.

Summit Pro

Mounted with 62 LEDs, full HD photo and HD video capture, Hawk is the only model in this series. It is a wireless remote controlled camera with coverage of up to 65 Feet. It is a reasonably compact camera with dimensions of 6.8”x4.3”x3” and has camouflaged finish.

Smart Cameras

These cameras are simple to use and pack a high performance. The two model Smart and S-smart are priced the same at $250. They are identical to each other except Smart is a Camouflaged version and S-smart is black. Both have a 10 MP camera, 36 invisible LEDs, a touch wheel to monitor the scene and intelligent triggering technology.

Tiny Cameras

This category encompasses eight models all with 2.4” screen, 38 invisible LEDs, 65 ft flash range and 10 MP resolution except the Tiny WBF series which has an 8 MP camera. All the cameras are wireless except tiny plus series. Tiny WBF has a wireless range of 250 ft and the W3 and 4G models that of 500 ft.

Live Cameras

As the term suggests, these are seven Wi-Fi internet enabled cameras. Mini Live 4G series has a 10 MP resolution. All other models - Live 3G, mini Live, S Live and wireless have an 8 MP resolution and 48 LEDs. Only Live model comes with a 5 MP resolution. Mini Live series comes with a 2.4” screen, 62 LEDs and a range of 65 ft as compared to 3.5” screen, 48 LEDs and 50 ft of range of other models in this category. Wireless has a range of 500 ft.

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