Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Spartan HD GoCam Review

by Allan Lederman

Wireless cameras seem to be the hardest thing to find. It is so unlikely that when a good one does pop up, everyone wants to check it out. The high priced Spartan HD GoCam is a good wireless camera that rivals other wireless cameras that are bound by a sim. Its great amount of customization will make it stand out of the mix of the everyday wireless models being created.

Spartan HD GoCam

Spartan HD GoCam

  • Video converts to 720p
  • 12AA batteries
  • Choice of AT&T, Verizon or Sprint
  • Features like an easy-to-use
  • 3.84 pounds weight

Key Features


Right out of the box, Spartan throws it in your face that the camera is fully camo. The colors are deep, and they make for some great trail hunting hiding. Home users may be a little out of sorts when using it for security since it would stand out like a sore thumb. But that really isn’t a flaw since the wireless function allows you to place it anywhere and hide it.


Under a pound, this little unit is light with the only bulkiness coming from the antenna sticking out of the top left side of the unit. You can put this as high as you need and hang it without worry that it will drop and hit the ground. It’s small enough to fit in all of your hiding spots, but the antenna might limit some of those spots.

Recommended Level

Due to the easy setup options this wireless camera is one of the few that can be used by beginners. All level of users will benefit from using the Spartan HD GoCam, and the advanced users will instantly figure out some of the tricks of the trade with the wireless towers. The learning curve is very low, and any of the advanced features can be learned with trial and error.


Surprisingly strong even though it is compact, with the antenna having a little bit of give so that it isn’t automatically damaged if bent. The most important part of that is the antenna’s flexibility, since if that goes it just becomes a regular camera. You won’t have any worries about the way the camera handles bad conditions, as Spartan did a good job in securing the more important parts of the camera.

Pictures and Video

But who cares about the wireless if the pictures and the video are bad? Thankfully the camera is a strong 8MP that delivers great pictures in daytime and night. Video converts to 720p and is pretty dazzling. So no shortcuts were taken when designing the actual media portion of the camera, leaving you with a pretty good model even if it didn’t have the wireless capability.

Battery Usage

Now this is where it may get interesting for some, since the wireless radio is on 24/7. The 12AA batteries do take a hit from that, but it isn’t as bad as you may think. Solid power settings make sure the batteries last for months before being depleted, although it is important to only use brand names. No generics will fly if you want the full capabilities of this product, so plan accordingly.


There is no contract to sign when you want to use the wireless feature, and no sim card to install. It is a pay as you go service that works off of Verizon data plans. So you can activate, deactivate or reactivate at whatever time is most convenient for you.

The service can be activated directly from HCO, with simple step by step instructions included. Pictures can be moved wireless with or without encryption, letting the user decide if they want to protect their photos or not. You’ll get access to GoWireless, a premium web and mobile portal so that you can manage your camera and its contents.


Requires 12AA batteries that get burned alive in a couple of months, even with good power saving settings. Videos can’t be transmitted wirelessly, only photos. This has been a bane of wireless trail cameras for years and won’t change anytime soon. But it is a feature that is really missed when the camera is so capable of great videos.

Breaking the antenna can render the camera useless for wireless, so the antenna is just as important as the camera. Data plans may be too expensive for some users, but is optional. Yet with the premium price tag you’re paying for the camera, not using the wireless functions wouldn’t make any sense.

How Do People View It?

Customers love the ease of use when setting up the wireless functions. Some have talked about being able to get off of Verizon’s network and jumping to another sim-less provider with cheaper plans. Very few successfully did this, and the few that did love the conversion. It should be noted that it isn’t officially supported so you’d be on your own if you tried. Battery drain is a big subject being tossed around, and is a big issue with customers that are tired of buying new batteries. The suggested brand is Duracell or Energizer for the best compatibility.


The pay as you go feature is a nice touch, and something that is wholly unexpected in this day and age where providers nickel and dime customers. The pay as you go model does have one problem, and that is its higher per data average than a normal plan. It is a double edged sword in that it is accessible to more people, but at a higher price. Wireless cameras are however hard to find of good quality, so by default this is a good value.

Lasting Appeal

Easily 10 years and counting with proper care. Not a lot of companies are stepping to the plate with wireless trail cameras. And Verizon is one of the biggest phone companies other than AT&T, making it an obvious 1-2 choice when it comes to making a compatible wireless trail camera. Unless someone comes along and makes a killer wireless trail camera, this is going to be a top 5 choice by default.


There will pretty much be one available whenever someone wants to buy, as it is unlikely they will sell out. The price is high enough to scare away those not serious about trail hunting, so unless there is a major price drop it won’t be going anywhere. If more people figure out how to get multiple networks on it then expect it to fly off of shelves in no time.

Personal Opinion

The wireless craze has moved to trail cameras, and users only have a major choice of AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. These are the three companies that will be handling the wireless functions in trail cameras, and depending on where you live it will pay a big role in what camera you go with. The common sense approach is if Verizon isn’t in the coverage zone for where you’re trail hunting, then purchasing the Spartan HD GoCam is a bad idea. Do your homework before purchase and you’ll walk away with a real winner.


More than capable, this is one of Spartans best products and not just because of its wireless features. They’ve built a solid camera that will make any game hunter happy, and then surrounded it with a network that covers a wide range. This is easily one of the best wireless trail cameras ever made.

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