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Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision Review

by Allan Lederman

The name may throw some people off the scent, but Simmons is a very good name. The high priced Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision offers a big improvement over their other models and promises to be a nice camera for trail hunting and home security. The low specifications in the camera will be a bit of a problem for some, but for others may be exactly what they’re looking for in their camera. If the price and name doesn’t scare you away, then you may very well find a diamond in the rough.

Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision

Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera

  • 3MP, 5MP or 7MP high quality
  • Infrared night vision LEDs
  • Super simple LCD setup screen
  • 100% quality materials used
  • 30 ft. range
  • Video Mode: Yes

Key Features


The styling is very low key and professional looking, matching a design similar to the high end Bushnell devices. Since it isn’t super reflective it’s capable of great concealment for both trail hunting and home security. This is one of the better designs from a lesser known company and it’s clear where they took their cues from.

Weight & Dimensions

The camera is surprisingly light for its size, weighing in at almost half an ounce. This is truly a mini camera and it’s amazing that they didn’t classify it as such. The dimensions come out to 2.9x9.8x7.4 and you can be sure that there isn’t a place this little thing can’t go. Users will have fun positioning the camera in places that they never thought would get a good shot.

Recommended Level

Due to the many advanced features, intermediate and up is the best option for anyone considering this camera. There are a ton of options in the software that beg to be customized, so power users will have a field day with them. The manual is very thorough, so no user will be left behind if a function confuses them.


Surprisingly good, although getting it open can be a bit of a test in patience. It is a hardened, weather capable case that doesn’t falter when you need it the most. It is about above average in protection and gets the job done. With such a low weight they could have tacked on some weak protection, but went all out to make this one of the best protected mini cameras available.

Pictures and Video

And then there was this- the camera only operates at 6MP with the option of bumping it down to 5MP. At this point everything was pointing to it looking and acting like a Bushnell device, but when it comes to the media portion it seems to have half the processing power of a typical Bushnell camera. Video is the standard definition 480p and will get you by during the day or not, but is average at best. Photos are pretty good actually, but have a hard cap on the detail due to the 6MP.

Battery Usage

You would think that with only 6MP that the battery life would be better, and you’d be correct. Only 4AA batteries are required to get 7 months of operation, which is astounding. So while users miss out on HD optics with photos and videos, they get reliability and a camera that doesn’t eat through all of their batteries. This applies to brand name batteries and regular ones as well.


Sleek and professional looking case that mimics Bushnell, and has just about the same level of durability. Small mini camera that is very light but can take punishment when needed. Battery life is incredible, requiring only 4AA’s to give you 7 months of hard work. Motion activated sensor has a range of 30ft.and uses night vision LED’s that are completely invisible to game. The 6MP resolution spits out some pretty impressive photos for the size with enough detail to make it worth your while. Support for an SD of 32GB, which could take a long time to fill at the default settings, even if you use a mixture of video and pictures.


Only 6MP is a big downsize for a camera with this much promise, and it shows in the videos that are only 480p. Photos come out great but lack finer detail that would come from a higher grade resolution. There aren’t a lot of add-ons to speak of, so if you want to extend battery life or zoom the resolution manually it won’t be available. Case can be a pain to get open, and is most notable when you have not touched the camera for months at a time. Light weight is a blessing and a curse, and the camera can be thrown off of its pin point precision if not mounted or strapped properly.

How Do People View It?

Very few people dislike the camera, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The big thing with the users is how long the batteries last compared to brand name models. There really isn’t anything else out there with this type of battery life, and that is at default settings. Ease of setup is also another feature talked about by users who have owned it a while.

They compare it a lot to the higher end cameras, so that might be a hint of the crowd the company was marketing it towards. The only negative review to note is how it got waterlogged after being in a heavy storm, but that is rare. Making sure the case is closed all the way will keep the weather out, and it goes back to the case being hard to open in the first place.


It’s a big deal right out of the box, a value that is so good that Bushnell will have to take notice. There are some issues with how powerful it is, but for what the company offers it is a real steal at the current price. You could always pay more and get the same exact camera with a more powerful resolution from Bushnell, but for those that just want a good camera then this will do fine.

Lasting Appeal

Even with the limited resolution of the 6MP, it is going to last most customers 5 years. This can get complicated, but you have to consider the market for a camera that is almost pound for pound like Bushnell but only lacking in resolution power. The price is a lot less, and for many people that don’t want to go too high, it will be the perfect amount of cash vs value.

Personal Opinion

Usually cameras with such a low resolution get tossed to the side in favor of better cameras. But there is something special about the Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision. It has a great set of features, and is only lacking in resolution-which isn’t entirely bad, the video just suffers the bulk of it. The trade off however is an incredible battery life that kills whatever Bushnell puts out. So if you want to trade resolution for battery longevity, this turns out to be the perfect device and alternative.


Not a lot of companies can go toe to toe with Bushnell, yet the Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera with Night Vision does a superb job of matching the competition and beating them in some areas. Expect more out of this company as customers catch on to just how great their products really are.

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