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Simmons route cameras are known to be reputable, very easy to use as well as affordable priced compared to other brand names of route cameras. Though there are just 4 versions that have actually been presented by Simmons; there is no compromise on attributes as well as specs required of a top rated path electronic cameras.


  • The 4 versions presented are –– 119 234C, 236C, 421C as well as 422C.
  • Every one of them include a 32 GB SD card as well as video clip setting.
  • 234C is a low end camera with resolution setting of 2-4 MP as well as a minimal detection circuit of 25 ft. 15 Radiance LEDs spread out the flash zone to a mere 25 feet.
  • 236C has a 5-6 MP resolution with discovery area of 30 ft and also flash circuit of 40 ft. The battery life is 6 months as it utilizes 4 AA batteries.
  • 421C is much more advanced with three resolution setups- 3, 5 as well as 7 MP. It has a discovery location and flash location of 45 ft.
  • 422C is the only undetectable electronic camera, which comes with 32 “& ldquo; no glow & rdquo; LEDs that cover 45 feet of ground. Amongst the Simmons electronic cameras, it likewise shows off the highest battery life of 9 months.

Best Simmons Trail Electronic Cameras

1. Simmons Whitetail Route Electronic Camera

Simmons Whitetail Route Video Camera

  • 3MP, 5MP or 7MP high quality

  • Infrared evening vision LEDs

  • Super straightforward LCD configuration screen

  • 100% top quality products used

  • 30 ft. variety

  • Video Clip Mode: Yes

Examine Most Recent Rate

Simmons is playing a numbers video game when it involves their cams, as well as introduces this medium priced 4MP system that is not bad whatsoever. While lots of people will certainly stop at the reduced MP, it must be noted that while it does take video clip the bread and butter of this cam is certainly the pictures. Purchasers can utilize the 2 or 4MP alternative when taking photos, deciding to save battery and also space. This will certainly prolong the currently stellar 6 months of battery life that just consumes 4AA batteries, making it a tough discover in today’& rsquo; s battery sucking market.

It has support for as much as 32GB of SD card memory and takes wonderful night vision images. The case looks tidy and sleek, however is very rugged and can take a couple of poundings without damaging the cam. Utilizing the PIR sensing unit to its max, expect to rise to 25ft. with it increasing to 30ft. This gets on the smaller sized side and can be taken into consideration a portable video camera, evaluating only 12.8 ounces and having measurements of 2.8×& times; 9.8 & times; 7.5. Customers that want images only and a long-term battery need to grab this camera as well as provide it a spin.

2. Simmons Whitetail Route Camera

Simmons Whitetail 6MP

  • 5MP or 6MP excellent quality

  • 40 ft. variety

  • 4 AA batteries and also a SD card

  • 18 low glow LEDs

  • Quality optics with sensational HD clarity

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  • 6-month battery life

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Just like the 4MP version the 6MP stands out at images, but includes a little beef to the arsenal for a much more effective individual experience. The downside is that it uses 6AA batteries instead of 4, however customers will obtain a lot more attributes in this upgraded variation. It boasts full on HD pictures with the 6MP, and also adds some respectable video in addition to that, despite the fact that it is only typical 640×& times; 480. The 6 batteries doesn’& rsquo; t extend life, as well as instead maintains it at the default 6 month life for the collection per set. A convenient LCD display gets on this variation and allows you regulate options like photo stamps and also establishing video camera alternatives.

At night the 18 no glow LED’& rsquo; s will certainly do their job in maintaining game unaware of its visibility, so you obtain magnificent pictures without the blur. And as much as 30ft. is the variety of the motion triggered PIR sensor, something that will certainly be available in useful greater than individuals think. With assistance for cards up to 32GB there is a lot of area for storage. This electronic camera functions well for those that want a better version of the 4MP version, however keep in mind it is high valued.

3. Simmons 7MP ProHunter Path Camera

Simmons 7MP ProHunter

  • Time Lapse Mode

  • BandW Text Present

  • SD Card Slot up to 32GB

  • Requries 4 AA batteries

  • 640 x 480 Resolution Video Mode

  • 20 LED Evening Vision Flash With 45′ & prime; Variety Examine Most recent


Hardly squeezing into the mid-price variety is the Simmons 7MP ProHunter Path Camera w/Night Vision, a failed to remember model in the Simmons lineup that is presently a swipe. Maybe due to the fact that it’& rsquo; s difficult ahead by, but a lot of remarkable concerning this variation is that it is among one of the most powerful designs Simmon’& rsquo; s has ever generated. It generates great images and also video clips with its 7MP, as well as has a respectable trigger rate.

When using the activity turned on sensing unit, it can develop to 45ft. so the item does has some good range, and is likewise great on battery life. Photos in the dark appeared well utilizing the LED evening vision, but they won’& rsquo; t be discovered by game. Also the covering is solid, able to endure a great deal of negative elements so you can maintain it in position all year. This is about as inexpensive as you are going to get a camera from Simmons with these sort of features, which is why it is throughout baffling why this is their greatest secret. Fans of the Simmons brand name can make this purchase and be pleased with the results for many years.

4. Simmons 5MP Whitetail No-Glow LED Path Camera

Simmons 5MP Whitetail

  • 18 black LEDs 30-foot flash variety

  • 5MP premium

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  • Quality optics with sensational HD clearness

  • 4 AA batteries

  • Adds to 6 months

  • 4 AA batteries

Check Latest Cost

Simmons has a misleading quantity of power behind their MP, with this 5MP cam being a good example of that. It is a high priced alternative for those that want a path cam with a better situation, as well as quality examined products that won’& rsquo; t crap out on them down the line. You can count on these products to be around for a very long time regardless of just how harsh they are utilized. Images that are taken with the cam can be embellished with time day and also moon stamps, which likewise chooses video.

Movement sensing with the constructed in PIR sensing unit is good as much as 40ft, and also integrated with the 1.2 second trigger speed works substantially well inside or outside. There are 18 black LED’& rsquo; s used for nighttime breaks, and in the dark you’& rsquo; ll only lose 10ft of protection. 6 months the video camera is powered fully, as well as it only calls for 4AA batteries. In temperature levels from 15-140 levels anticipate this champ to rise to the celebration when it pertains to fantastic photos. An additional great one from Simmons, this is a cam that works both for game hunting and also residence protection.

5. Simmons 6 MP ProHunter

Simmons 6 MP ProHunter

  • 2, 4 as well as 6-megapixel top quality

  • 32 No Glow Black LEDs

  • 8 AA batteries

  • Motion-activated sensing unit; up to 45 feet

  • 32GB SD card capacity

  • PIR Sensor: 45 ft.

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The Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED Trail Cam is among their medium priced cams that can save power by being used in 4 as well as 2MP resolutions, specifically. By by hand dropping to this setting, individuals can extend the power of the cam considerably. Video is taken in common interpretation, but it still lasts long as much as one minute, permitting you to obtain an excellent production out of the minimal room.

If you opt to upgrade to the max 32GB card, expect for it to last a long period of time without you needing to switch it out. But the top quality of the electronic camera compared to the others in the schedule? Respectable really, with a notch in their belt for night photos. At night expect to get an actually great picture, as well as all without informing the people or things that remain in the shot. This is a power-hungry video camera, so 8AA batteries are required. Those batteries however will certainly run for months as well as offers you full access to the costs features of the camera. Never ever has 6MP looked so good, and also it comes ready to head out of the box for any ready client.

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