Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED Review

by Allan Lederman

Taking some queues from their previous products, the medium priced Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED is a nice little camera from the company that is more effective than it is powerful. The low resolution may bother some people, yet others will look for some of the more reliable aspects of the camera. This is going to be either a hit or miss purchase for most people, so some due diligence is required when deciding on buying it.

Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED Trail Camera

Simmons 6 MP ProHunter

  • 2, 4 and 6-megapixel high-quality
  • 32 No Glow Black LEDs
  • 8 AA batteries
  • Motion-activated sensor; up to 45 feet
  • 32GB SD card capability
  • PIR Sensor: 45 ft.

Key Features


There is nothing fancy about the styling of the Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED Trail Camera, as it looks like a plastic version of a Bushnell product. Using a grayish color for its casing, it is a very no frills look that is neutral enough to work both outdoors with trail hunting and indoors for home security. With the colors and shape of the case it shouldn’t set off any red alarms in any normal prey.

Weight & Dimensions

It comes in at just under a pound, 12 ounces to be exact. Not too heavy and not too light. The camera isn’t bulky and is only 3.5x2x5.5 inches so can go pretty much anywhere a normal trail camera can. The overall size is perfect for placement as it doesn’t have any protruding edges or weird clamps on the back.

Recommended Level

All levels of trail camera users can handle the camera, although power users will be underwhelmed with its lack of options. It has a surprisingly deep menu, but nothing that hasn’t been seen in the past couple of years by better brands. Beginners will find their way through it without much issue, and in about a week most of the advanced options will be down to a science.


It’s about average, not bad and not great. The case looks a lot stronger than it actually is, but on the plus side it can handle a little bit of weather. This isn’t going to withstand a lot of water or severe weather, yet you can feel comfortable enough leaving it out in the elements if they don’t get downright bad. It can also take a few drops and bangs, but don’t overdo it.

Pictures and Video

This is the area where it is a little bit underpowered, but still manageable. Video is your standard 640x480 and can go from 5-60 seconds. There is nothing really amazing about the video, and it is just fine although it will look grainy when played on a recent television set. Pictures can be set from 6MP, 4MP and 2MP depending on what you want. At the highest setting they are good, but anything lower and you’ll get what you deserve. There is a big drop off from the original 6MP resolution.

Battery Usage

Buyers will get 9 months out of 8AA batteries, something that is to be expected considering the low resolution and power. Power saving settings are top notch and really bring home the excellence of the product in this regard. If you use quality batteries and variable settings getting up to a year out of them is not out of the question.


Takes good photos in all areas, using the 32 no glow black LED’s. They are invisible to game and intruders, not alerting them to being watched when the picture or video is taken. Video can last up to 60 seconds and give you a better idea of what’s in the area while in motion. Images have date, time and moon stamps so that you can better identify them if you have a lot. Camera is not bulky and has multiple placement options with its low weight. Supports up to a 32GB SD card and can last for years depending on the settings you use. Using 8AA batteries the power saving features are top notch and will net you up to a year with the right combo of batteries and settings.


Casing is only average and not really water or weatherproof, leading you to being very careful when it comes to leaving it out in the elements. Resolution is much too low for a camera of this quality and price, with video that is standard definition. Cameras at half the price shoot at 720p video, so there is no excuse other than to save power. Lots of customizations and settings, but nothing groundbreaking so it leaves power users a bit out of the loop. Resolution also leads to bad lower modes of 4MP and 2MP which are of higher quality in other cameras due to the internals. The only real usable mode for the camera is 6MP and none of the others.

How Do People View It?

Some reviews have purchased the camera and been very satisfied with it output, with the majority of them using it for in home or backyard purposes. Recreational in or around the home use seems to be the favorite use for the product. Buyers love the battery usage which is on the low side, so the power saving features work well in their favor. Hunters that use the camera choose to put it in a concentrated spot to maximize the resolution. Customers like the small area handling of the camera and tend to use it over other brands due to simplicity and reliability.


If power saving is an important feature to you, then Simmons has you covered. This is going to be the ultimate value for anyone that wants a small camera that doesn’t eat up batteries. Power users and those looking for an HD camera will not get value out of it, since it is pretty much outdated tech internally.

Lasting Appeal

It’s important to note the type of users that the camera will be used with, and that would be buyers that want power saving features. The camera is pretty much set it and forget it, so for those users a good 5 years seems about right before they have to upgrade. The biggest concern for other users is how the camera will just not hold up over the years and will need to be replaced in 1-2 years, sooner rather than later. The camera is not future proof by any means whatsoever.

Personal Opinion

The Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED Trail Camera would be an awesome camera if the price was lowered. Even for its battery saving features it is overpriced and is outclassed by just about everything in Moultrie’s lineup, which is 2/3 of the price. Buyers that have a sour taste in their mouth from other brands will find solace with this camera as the No glow is still reliable and power efficient. It may not be HD, but it is a very good camera that you’ll get years of use out of before having to replace. The parts in it are not cheap, and were made to stand the test of time. For an alternative to the big brands, it wouldn’t be a bad choice.


Reliability and power efficiency is the name of the game for the Simmons 6 MP ProHunter No Glow LED Trail Camera. A great alternative to the power hungry HD cameras on the market, it is a reliable camera to have in your arsenal.

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