Moultrie P-150i Game Camera Review

Moultrie P-150i Game Camera Review
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  • Battery as well as Power Choices
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Moultrie P- 150i Game Electronic camera covers a wide variety of 122 levels. It uses 3 activity sensors to find the activity. But the video camera takes simply 9000 pictures on its 6 C –– cell batteries. It has a big detection series of 60 feet, so it rarely misses anything; it likewise records small animals like computer mouse approximately the range of approx. 25- 30 feet. The cam makes use of movable lens to take the panoramic photos and also I really felt that scenic pictures overlap a little bit.

Due to its movable lens, I was worried about the sound obtaining produced by the electronic camera but actually the maker has in some way taken care of to come up with the option of this problem by utilizing the Quiet- slide lens, which truly doesn’& rsquo; t create any sound as well as the activities can’& rsquo; t be seen unless anyone stares at the pivot for a long period of time.

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Quick Facts:

  • Trigger Speed: 0.953 2nd
  • Healing time: 6.2 secs
  • Discovery Range: 60 feet
  • Flash Range: 70 feet
  • Batteries: 6 C- cell batteries
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches

Discovery Circuit

The game camera Moultrie P-150i has an excellent trigger speed of 0.953 seconds. Its recovery time is simply 6.2 seconds; for this reason we can establish it to capture pictures following a distinction of 5 secs in the movement delay mode as well as 10 secs in time-lapse setting.

The camera has 5 operational modes: Activity Detect Delay Mode, Multi-shot setting, panoramic mode, Time-lapse mode and also Hybrid.

Photo High quality

If we talk about the picture quality of the P- 150i game cam, it is really excellent. It can take photos in the aspect ratio of 48:9 in addition to standard 16:9. It has 8 –– megapixel sensor and also numerous resolution settings to pick from. It has an activity Freeze establishing that minimizes the blur in the evening time pictures yet decreases the flash variety.

Moultrie P-150i Game Camera Review image 2

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Still Picture Resolutions:

  • Reduced: Regular –– 960×& times; 540– Breathtaking —– 2544×& times; 280
  • , Tool: Normal —– 1920×& times; 1080– Panoramic —– 3360×& times; 630, High: Regular —– 2688×& times; 1515– Breathtaking —– 4800×& times; 900, Boosted: Normal —– 3840×& times; 2160– Scenic —– 6384×& times; 1197 Video resolutions: VGA 640 x 480, HD 1280 x 720 (2-settings)

Moultrie P-150i Game Video camera –– view image sample during day
Moultrie P-150i Game Electronic camera –– view photo sample

Battery as well as Power Options

It can run with 6-C cell batteries. It can also be powered with 12 –– volt DC exterior power source. It isn’& rsquo; t geared up with solar panel or any kind of rechargeable battery, which is a disadvantage. However with the 6 C-Cell alkaline batteries it can taking about 9,000 images which is tolerable.

It also sustain a/c power mode that may resolve all the power issues sometimes.

Kind and also Features

Moultrie P-150i Video Game Cam –– Looks good outside!

Moultrie P-150i Game Camera Review image 1

The cam comes with truly good features. It sustains Wi-FI SD card, which permits it to connect to a Wi-Fi network as well as hence camera can straight post photos to the web. It puts date, time, location, temperature level, and also moon stage details on each of the pictures. The electronic camera uses No Glow flash which has a series of 70 feet, which is actually remarkable for a No glow IR flash.

It has a memory management feature, which eliminate the older pictures to take the brand-new pictures when the SD card obtains full.

It can likewise be safeguarded with 5-digit password.

Reduce of use

P-150i has 2 x 16 personality LCD display, using which user can quickly navigate via the settings. It features a mounting strap using which it can easily be linked to a tree.


The Moultrie Breathtaking 150 is a luxury video game electronic camera which is readily available at an affordable rate over at Amazon. The cam deserves the every single cent invested for it. It will certainly never lag behind your assumption yet it will constantly live up to your assumption.

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P-150i is one of the very best video game cameras offered in its price bracket, if we speak about the scenic electronic cameras. It is likewise offered with 1 year service warranty, so you can get it changed or fixed if it stops working. The camera stands up the assumption in terms of picture top quality, detection, style, effectiveness, and also invisibility to pets. It simply delays in regards to battery backup which is evident for a breathtaking video camera which makes use of the movable lens as well as high array blink No glow flash.

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Moultrie P-150i Game Camera Review
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