Reconyx Trail Camera Reviews

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Reconyx is cameras are strong and work great for the the hunting games. The two series of camera line are Hyperfire and Ultrafire and they are revolutionary; and give a power packed performance.


  • There are three variants under this brand of outdoor cameras- HC500, 550 and 600, carry a warranty of 1 year and do not have video mode.
  • They come with a high definition, 3.5 Megapixel resolution with compact built of 5.5”x4.5”x3”. They are weatherproof and have a quick trigger speed of 1/5th of a second.
  • Amongst them, HC600 is an invisible no glow camera with a flash range of 60 feet whereas 500 and 550 have only 50 and 30 feet respectively.
  • HC 600 and 550 use 12 AA lithium batteries whereas HC500 can operate with alkaline batteries as well.


  • It has a resolution range of up to 8 MP and has video mode as well.
  • It has invisible LEDs with a flash range of 80 ft. With 2 years of warranty, the only poor feature this camera has is a slow trigger action of 1 second. It uses rechargeable lithium batteries and is weatherproof.

Best Reconyx Trail Camera

Reconyx Trail Camera Comparison

Reconyx HyperFire HC500 Semi

  • Functions up to 50ft
  • 12AA batteries
  • 1 year protection plan
  • BuckView software included

Reconyx HyperFire HC550

  • White flash LED emitter
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 1 year warranty

Reconyx HyperFire Infrared

  • Temp Range of -20 to 120 F
  • Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure
  • BuckView Advanced Software for Windows
  • Adjustable bungee cord for mounting

Reconyx SC950C Cellular

  • Using a no glow setup
  • Powered by AT&T towers
  • A robust schedule settling

Reconyx HyperFire HC500 Semi – Covert IR Game Camera

Reconyx Hyperfire Semi-Covert IR HC500One of the more expensive trail cameras on the market, the Reconyx HyperFire HC500 Semi – Covert IR Game Camera is the premiere item to have if you want the best. Night vision is almost invisible, and functions up to 50ft. without any issues with clarity. The weatherproof enclosure can withstand temps of up to 120 f, and still be functional all the way down to -20. That is serious protection, and depending on where you put it, will be needed in order to guarantee the best shot. The company offers a 1 year protection plan from date of purchase, which is good if you encounter any bumps or defects with the original materials.

If you have a windows computer or laptop then you can load the included BuckView software to manage your camera and content beyond the normal limits. It’s a nice addition that adds a little bit of ease to what can sometimes be a complicated round of settings. Exclusive to this series is the option of running the camera with 6 or 12AA batteries, with the latter lasting up to a full year. This is a good start for anyone that wants some good firepower when it comes to game hunting or security.

If you are looking for a now glow trail camera Reconyx, then you must consider Reconyx HyperFire 2.

Reconyx HyperFire HC550 White Flash LED Digital Game Camera

Reconyx HyperFire HC550 White Flash LED Digital Game CameraThe upgraded version of the HC500, the Reconyx HyperFire HC550 White Flash LED Digital Game Camera is a good step forward for the company in terms of improvements to the model. Daytime photos look alive and fresh while at night the assistance of the white flash LED emitter is able to create color pictures at night, all the way from 50ft. away. And not that customers will need it, but there is a 1 year warranty that’s pretty solid right out of the box. Multiple time stamp settings can be used, and to keep your property from being stolen it used a Codeloc Pass-code protection system.

You can leave it in place for months without worry of it being stolen with this system in place, and since the camera supports NiMH rechargeable batteries, it can stay out for up to a full year without needing to be touched. It does take a good amount of batteries, but users can alternate between using 6 or 12, just like the HC500 model. A high priced worthy upgrade to the series, the HC550 offers slightly more oomph than its predecessor.

Reconyx HyperFire Infrared Digital Game Camera HC600

Reconyx HyperFire Infrared Digital Game Camera HC600The Reconyx HyperFire Infrared Digital Game Camera HC600 is the finest in the HC series, and as such is a high priced powerhouse that doesn’t have many flaws. Using a no glow infrared setup, it is undetectable to both animals and humans when taking pictures and videos. This feature works up to 50ft. and gives customers plenty of room to play with in an open and closed off setting. The company opted for a lower resolution at 3.1MP, but put more beef into performance so that the end product does a better job at getting good photos rather than throwaway ones.

It can take up to 30,000 images if used with the largest SD card it supports, which is 32GB. Trigger speed is the fastest it has ever been in the series and comes through at 1/5 a second. The Codeloc Pass-Code system has been improved and further enhances the security of your product, making sure that no one can steal and gain access to the contents. As the best in the series, the HC600 is the first choice people look at when it comes to Reconyx.

Reconyx SC950C Cellular Enabled HyperFire Security Camera

Reconyx SC950C Cellular Enabled HyperFire Security Camera-AT&TThe most expensive camera in Reconyx’s inventory, and also one of the most expensive cameras on the market, the Reconyx SC950C Cellular Enabled HyperFire Security Camera is top tier. Using a no glow setup it can be used both in the house and away from the house to take pictures and videos without alerting anyone. The flash is invisible, so no more blurry shots of animals reacting to the flash. A robust schedule settling lets customers set different camera patterns depending on whether it is day or not, or by the actual day of the week.

Battery life is extended with this model and can take up to 40,000 images, and if you opt for the video features either one can run continuously without dumping the card by using loop recording. The big seller with this is that it is powered by AT&T towers, and after activating the sim you can grab whatever you want from the camera without moving it from its spot. Customers love Wi-Fi powered trail cameras, and this is one of the better ones on the market.

Reconyx WR6 UltraFire White Flash Color LED

High priced but worth every penny, the Reconyx WR6 UltraFire White Flash Color LED id s high definition color trail camera that also does wonders as a security camera. It outputs 1080p video with stereo sound from its 8MP camera. Owners of high definition TV’s will love the output on screen, with nothing looking distorted or blurry when viewing. There is a 2 year warranty on the product, the longest that they offer for any of their cameras. So if something does go wrong, simply talk to customer support and they will be able to handle it from there.

The casing is solid and weatherproof with the ability to handle temps as low as -20 and all the way up to 120f, giving this camera many options for mounting without having to worry about the conditions. It also gets a great range when taking photos with its white flash color LED, and goes as far as 60ft. in even hard to see places. The device itself is only 1 pound, and will mount just about anywhere you want to put it. This little camera is a powerhouse and one of the better in their arsenal if you want to get out of the HC series.