Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Reconyx HyperFire HC500 Review

by Allan Lederman

Reconyx is no stranger to putting out some of the best trail cameras in the business. The high priced Reconyx HyperFire HC500 Semi - Covert IR Game Camera has been on plenty of lists now and continues to impress. This is a camera for the serious hunter that wants the best in his equipment without any of the drawbacks of weaker models.

Reconyx Hyperfire Semi-Covert IR HC500

Reconyx HyperFire HC500

  • 6AA batteries
  • Night vision goes up to 50ft.
  • 8 in 1 HD Waterproof camera
  • 1 year warranty

Key Features


The styling is camouflage but not the general green colors. Going to a darker tone, it makes a suitable trail hunting or home security camera and can be well hidden. Not too many animals will be able to tell the difference between this camera and the one in green camo, so it is the perfect balance between the two colors.

Weight & Dimensions

As a heavy duty product it comes with an impressive amount of weight attached to it. Weighing in at 2.4 pounds, it is about as heavy a trail camera as you’re going to get. Placing this in high places is only recommended if you secure it as best you can. A drop from high up, even with great durability could spell the end of the camera. Dimensions are also big at 12.8x7.9x3.7 pounds and is just slight bigger than a normal trail camera.

Recommended Level

This is not a camera for a beginner, and will be out of most beginner’s price ranges for a reason. This also applies to some intermediates, as this is a serious trail camera meant for upper intermediate to advanced users. The customization options can get real complex when you dig into them, and choosing the wrong option without the correct experience can ruin some good shots.


The case is really an incredible piece of work, built with a rugged weatherproof enclosure in mind. Weather won’t be a problem with this unit at all, not in the slightest. While a lot of weatherproof options throw together great cases, the overall package itself isn’t the full 2.4 pounds that the Reconyx is. That goes a long way in making sure that when things get bad, it will stay in place and still do its job.

Pictures and Video

Underneath the hood is a very powerful camera capable of 1080p video. The camera is strong in pictures as well, with better day and night pictures than other brands. It uses an Ultra HD IRTM camera lens for better pictures that are colorful and sharper to the eye than the default settings.

Battery Usage

Buyers can conserve batteries and use 6AA batteries instead of the default 12AA. If you’re low on batteries this is a big help, and won’t degrade quality beyond the obvious run time. On the full 12AA you can get a full 1 year of continuous use out of the product. It plays well with multiple brands and has power saving features second to none.


Night vision goes up to 50ft. to give you quality night time photos without any blur or bad effects. Temperatures it can withstand are as low as -20 and up to 120 f, showing just how extreme the casing is. An extensive 1 year warranty is provided with the product with the usual Reconyx great customer support. Software bundled is the BuckView Advanced Software that installs fast and gives you everything you need to get the full benefits of your media and camera. Can run on 6 or 12AA batteries without cutting down on any of the main functions of the camera.


Very expensive- meant for people that are serious about home security and trail hunting. Will not only be out of the price range of most people, but the camera and software itself is meant for people with general understanding of trail cameras. Weight might make you think twice about putting it in a high area where it could drop and damage the camera. Software included won’t work with Macintosh computers, and is a Windows only program. This is worth mentioning as a lot of companies have went the app route with their software for Android and iPhone.

How Do People View It?

Customers regard it as the best game camera they have ever owned, with its construction being the sole purpose for the purchase. It has lasted years and is the beginning and the end of their game camera search. Battery life is strong, and some rate battery life higher than what the manufacturer did. Besides the construction the reliability it is being said that night shots are fairer than they are good. This is where things get mixed, as customers seem to be right down the middle on how the camera handles night shots. The best way to figure out if the night shots are up to par is to review some of them online can compare.


This is a high value item that is worth its weight in gold for the right buyer. It won’t degrade as much as other cameras over the years, and out of the box you’ll get everything you need to have a top tier camera year round. Even without any immediate extras, this is still one to keep your eye on as the great reviews keep growing.

Lasting Appeal

Expect to get a decade or more out of the product, even with rough handling. This is really the only main camera that any hunter needs on their trail, and if they’re lucky enough to purchase multiple ones, the value only gets better. Everyone that buys this has usually been satisfied if that’s saying anything!


There are plenty of these in circulation if you look hard enough. Not a lot of people are in the market for a camera this expensive or high tier, and the few that are bought it on launch. If you are a beginner user that has gained intermediate experience, then it should be available when you want to take the jump.

Best Comparison

Bestguarder 8 in 1 HD Waterproof camera is a good comparison for the beginner buyer that wants a taste of a high tier camera but can’t afford the Reconyx. The resolution is better, but the tradeoff is the weaker casing, the no brand name, it weighs a lot less, and longevity and reliability are halved. The best way of think of it is as a baby HC500 with training wheels.

Personal Opinion

This is a top 5 camera in the market for a reason, and while some may complain about the night photos, it is mixed enough that it isn’t definitive. More than enough people have purchased this camera and been satisfied with the result. Reconyx is a great company that stands behind its products, to the point where you can depend on this model to last you years. For many it has been the only game camera they’ve ever needed, and will continue to remain that way. Beginners will be the only ones missing out on this great deal, but even then there are alternatives in the Reconyx line.


Big and strong, this is a camera that was made for the serious hunter. With its many features being fined tuned by the company, it continues to impress all who want an error free experience when they are trying to spot prey.

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