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Because its starting in 2002, Reconyx has established a credibility for producing several of the finest route cams in business. This business makes its video cameras completely in the U.S., as well as its items show the focus to information one could expect. Reconyx trail cams have actually become an industry-standard choice for scientists. These route cams reduce no corners, with market-leading features and photos being a trademark. Reconyx’ & rsquo; HyperFire 2 has couple of actual rivals.

Obviously, the very best trail cams put on’& rsquo; t come cheap. The HyperFire 2 competes at the top end of the game video camera marketplace. Its base version electronic cameras can cost the equivalent of other leading makers’ & rsquo; front runner versions. But when peerless imaging and also regular, reliable efficiency are needed, the HyperFire 2 needs to top any shortlist. Think night vision to equal the best Moultrie route camera, but with also longer discovery arrays as well as significantly improved battery life.

The LEDs on previous generations of HyperFire cameras were handicapped by a soft radiance, however the new version’& rsquo; s infrared (IR )emitters are currently passed out. Discovery arrays can get to 100 feet, with a 150-foot flash range to get rid of lost frameworks. Blazing fast detection circuitry makes sure that anything that journeys the movement sensor will certainly be captured and also will certainly be discernible. Daytime pictures are among the most effective, particularly in low-light conditions that generally cause path video cameras to change to evening vision.

Inspect Most Current Price


  • Incredibly quick discovery circuitry
  • Improved no-glow LEDs from previous generation
  • Lovely, frameable daytime color images
  • Unrivaled nighttime imaging
  • Superior battery life


  • Video quality is not Reconyx’ & rsquo; top priority Price of entry will certainly eliminate one of the most thrifty amongst us

Trick Includes

Game-Changing Detection Circuit

At the speeds of Reconyx’ & rsquo; discovery wiring, discussing trigger times is practically meaningless. We are talking virtually instantaneous trigger speeds below. Few path cams can flaunt trigger times of much less than half a 2nd. The HyperFire 2’& rsquo; s circuit fires the shutter simply.2 seconds after its detection circuit is tripped. There is no noticeable hold-up. Video clip trigger speeds are practically just as quick –– just.24 secs.

Recovery rates remain in the sub-second array as well, sousers can expect several pictures of video game experiences unless they control the delay in the cam’& rsquo; s settings. There are never any empty structures. Also fast-moving animals are caught as they move with the imaging zone.

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Impressive Night Pictures

Rapid circuits just attain a lot by themselves. Without similarly advanced IR emitters and a deep focal point, they just generate rough and also dark nighttime imaging. The HyperFire 2 integrates abnormally deep field of vision and industry-leading LED emitters to accomplish evening pictures that are the envy on the competition.

Crisp, clear evening photos are the standard for this path camera. Relocating pets display little of the obscuring that plague the photos completing cams create. Expect superior comparison, a lot to make sure that the individual hairs show up on deer in the foreground. Say goodbye to wondering what that ghost like creature may have been (el Chupacabra?).

Incredible Illumination Array

Much more remarkable than the close-range evening images are the ones the HyperFire 2 generates of subjects at a distance. The top quality of its long-range night vision is a result of a really impressive lighting array. The No-Glow LEDs brighten items up to 150 feet remote, much exceeding the depth of lighting of a lot of other trail cams. The previous generation of HyperFire 2 created a faint red radiance as a consequence of the LEDs’ & rsquo; power, however they are now unseen.

Naturally, that unusual lighting range would be for naught if it did not pair up well with the detection array. The HyperFire 2 doesn’& rsquo; t experience here either. A detection distance of around 80 feet suggests that trees, vegetation or other creatures in the background will be brightened some 70 feet past the pet that set off the picture. Evening images are no longer just utilitarian, however rather are a pleasure to see. Various other manufacturers had better remember.

Excellent Color Pictures

Reconyx has actually long been admired for the high quality of its color photographs, and the HyperFire 2 just continues that custom. Missing are the incorrect insurance claims as well as theorized megapixel matters of contending route camera manufacturers. Reconyx police officers to a 3 MP image resolution, which is plenty to produces trikingly clear and vibrant images.

Lifelong seekers will certainly appreciate the true-to-life top quality of the HyperFire 2’& rsquo; s color combination. Any type of problems in the pigmentation of regional game populations will appear. These kinds of anomalies can increase uncertainties when recorded on most other cameras, most likely many thanks to a mismatch in between sensing unit as well as lens, yet not so on the HyperFire 2.

Unparalleled Low-Light Imaging

You know that circumstance where you’& rsquo; re driving at sundown, and it’& rsquo; s also dark to see but your fronts lights place’& rsquo; t taken effect yet? The huge majority of video game cameras endure the same problem, as well as the pictures they create in this small-but-active window of time experience too. The HyperFire 2 takes shade twilight photos when other makers’ & rsquo; video cameras are currently in night-vision mode.

Merely operating in low-light problems is no guarantee of success, yet the HyperFire 2 hardly endures in these conditions. Except having an on-site photographer to change shutter rate as well as aperture with a portable light meter, this is just as good as it obtains. Still subjects are still clear, and relocating animals reveal a tip of blurring just in the last moments prior to dark.

Extra-Long Battery Life

With a 32-GB SD card installed, the HyperFire 2 is capable of accumulating to 40,000 photos at the full 3-MP setup. This camera can utilize approximately a 512-GB SD card, yet that’& rsquo; s overkill for the majority of users. Exceptionally, the HyperFire 2 needs to last for the whole of a full 32-GB SD card on a single collection of 12 AA lithium batteries.

A far-more probable circumstance is that the HyperFire 2 will certainly rest sentinel until its batteries drain normally in the field. In regular use, that life-span can get to 18 months prior to a battery modification is necessary. Few trail cams can compete with the HyperFire 2 in regards to battery life, as well as maybe none integrate that extended life with such pro-quality imagery.

Five-Year Service warranty

Reconyx develops high quality items in the U.S., made to the strict criteria one can get out of a stateside manufacturing facility. As such, the business backs its route video cameras with one of the most effective service warranties readily available. Ensured for five years from the purchase day, HyperFire 2 owners can anticipate years of reputable solution from their path web cam. These are not throwaway systems.

Regularly Asked Concerns

What kind of battery life can individuals expect?

Battery life can depend on lots of mitigating circumstances.The brand name of battery can definitely make a difference, but many customers will certainly have a top quality brand name in mind before purchasing. The main thing a path cam proprietor can do to prolong battery life is to choose lithium AA batteries. With these longer-lived (compared to normal alkaline batteries) set up, customers can anticipate as much as 18 months of normal usage on a single set of 12 batteries. As mentioned previously, this camera can take as well as keep as several as 40,000 images on a solitary set of batteries.

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Exists wireless performance?

No. The HyperFire 2 is not a Wi-Fi or cellular game camera. As such, there is no wireless connection possible for individuals. Rather, operators must literally remove the (not-included) SD card from the video camera to obtain pictures and video clip.

Does the HyperFire 2 deal with rechargeable batteries?

Yes. The HyperFire 2 works with any kind of AA-type batteries, be they alkaline, lithium or rechargeable. Reconyx suggests only nickel steel hydride (NiMH) rechargeable or lithium AA batteries for usage in this particular route webcam. In climates where temperature levels might get to ice-cold degrees, go with lithium. Rechargeable NiMH batteries are only serviceable to absolutely no levels Fahrenheit.

What mounting choices are offered?

The HyperFire 2 has loops for a nylon band and also a brace for a Masterlock Python Lock. The Python Lock brace is placed on the front of the cam, suggesting it locks the cam closed for added security.There is likewise a threaded insert under of the HyperFire 2 for placing on a tripod.

What Does the Client Claim?

Delighting Photography/Boring Video

Reconyx’ & rsquo; HyperFire 2 is meant to supply stunning,state-of-the-art photographs. Because of this, video is a secondary feature in every feeling of that term. This electronic camera is only capable of shooting video clip in 720p resolution, as well as it can only shoot 10-second clips. Users expecting high-def video are usually let down in the top quality of the clips.

Nevertheless, as a digital photographer’& rsquo; s camera, the HyperFire 2 is exceptional. These are virtually the same cams that biologists as well as various other specialists use in the area. The only differences are that the “& ldquo; specialist & rdquo; variation of the HyperFire 2 can take 90-second video clips, and it can operate in a broader variety of temperatures (minus 40 levels Fahrenheit to +140 degrees for the pro design; minus 20 degrees to 120 levels for the one we’& rsquo; re including).

Much-Appreciated Placing Adjustment

Earlier versions of the HyperFire had the threaded installing insert inexplicably situated on the back of the video camera body, as opposed to putting on all-time low where it normally is. This oversight distressed proprietors of those models, yet Reconyx was clearly taking notice of their evaluations. The insert is currently located under of the device where it belongs, and also placing the HyperFire 2 on a tripod is no longer an issue.

As discussed, the HyperFire 2 also includes loopholes for placing with a band and also a brace for utilizing a Python Lock. Putting that brace on the front –– enabling customers to secure their camera bodies shut –– reveals a development of the item that only arises from mindful consideration as well as from paying attention to the clients viewpoints. The mark of a trusted producer is making those refined modifications that improve convenience of usage.

Worth the Financial investment

The HyperFire 2 carries a cost that mirrors its superior develop and also capability. It is not difficult to discover a cheaper game camera that can still finish the job. Yet the HyperFire 2’& rsquo; s goal is not to simply achieve the job of taking photos. This cam catches remarkable, always-identifiable photos at a deepness of field few of its competitors can accomplish.

Pair its convenience of use with the HyperFire 2’& rsquo; s strong construct, as well as you end up with a device that will remain to function for several years ahead. Reconyx also guarantees that it will certainly for 5 years, conveniently surpassing the warranties of most various other game-cam manufacturers. The cost of admission is a financial investment in the hunting seasons ahead for the foreseeable future.

Where’& rsquo; s the Present?

Nothing is best, as well as the HyperFire 2 definitely is no exception to that rule. Individuals who have actually owned a range of route cams frequently ask yourself why Reconyx picked to omit a display screen for reviewing images. In truth, several customers locate reviewing pictures on a video game electronic camera in the area to be time consuming as well as aggravating. And also remaining around the cam only magnifies the odor trademark that you leave behind. A basic SD card swap is quicker.

Users missing the screen might consider utilizing an audience. These gadgets enable you to simply retrieve your SD card and sort through the images at some range from the trail video camera. Some customers can after that clean the SD card clean so that it can be returned in the electronic camera. Others enable review of images but not removal. Really however, the most effective solution is to have a clean and formatted SD card prepared as well as to just swap it out when you transform your batteries.

Last Words

Reconyx has located itself well as the premier manufacturer of uncompromising path cams. They are classically overbuilt, intended to last for season after season in the toughest conditions. Hunters who demand the best feasible photos day or evening can hardly do far better than investing in a HyperFire 2. The blazing-fast as well as reputable discovery circuit as well as trip times help reduce the irritations of use as well as ownership to almost void.

Reconyx HyperFire 2 Review photo 0

The HyperFire 2 is additionally certainly not the only deep-field path electronic camera. Cuddeback’& rsquo; s Lengthy Variety C2 route camera has an equally deep field (in the 100-foot variety), and also it likewise sets you back a lot less than the HyperFire2. However, the Cuddeback’& rsquo; s daytime photos are unqualified the high quality of the Reconyx, and its nighttime photos are not also in the very same course. Browning’& rsquo; s Dark Ops Pro takes similarly good day as well as night photos with excellent depth.The HyperFire 2 is simply much better in each of those aspects.

Whether the Reconyx’ & rsquo; quality is enough much better than its rivals to warrant the additional ponies is inevitably approximately each individual. Others approach its level in certain locations, but none surpass it in any kind of measurable means. The HyperFire 2 is possibly the very best route camera on the existing market, yet it is a transforming marketplace. Innovation that was just recently considered jaw-dropping is now typical. Reconyx set bench pretty high, however it had better continue to regard its consumers’ & rsquo; ask for more enhancement. There are some heavy players out there.

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Reconyx HyperFire 2 Review
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