Last Updated: November 11, 2020

Moultrie Panoramic 150 Game Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

The first panoramic camera in Moultrie’s lineup is a good one and can be a bit intimidating for those new to wide angle cameras. Since there aren’t a lot of reliable ones in the market, Moultrie is a big leader automatically by making this release. How does it hold up against the ones that are already on the market, and how does it hold up against Moultrie’s regular cameras? There are some interesting features they threw in beyond panoramic that will really have customers craving for more.

Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 Game Camera


  • 8.0 megapixel infrared panoramic
  • 5 operational modes
  • 150-degree detection angle
  • Time-lapse Mode
  • Three motion sensors 
  • One Second Trigger Speed

Key Features


This is one of the few cameras that will look exactly like it functions. In the shape of a mini watchtower, you can see exactly where the lens moves around on the inside of the camera. The camo that is applied is dark and suitable solely for trail hunting. Home security isn’t a big option for this style, and not just because of the camo. Placing this in an area where it will get the widest field of view is important, and in a home isn’t going to cut it.

Weight & Dimensions

Up to 2.3 pounds goes to this big boy, so placing it securely on a tree stump won’t lead to a strong wind blowing it over. Dimensions are 7.5x9.5x5 inches and with the weight it really is bulky. That’s a necessary evil when building a camera of this type, with the tradeoff being a much more innovative camera. Placement won’t be too much of an issue since it is going to have to be placed in areas where the 150 degree lens is most active.

Recommended Level

Even with the wide angled feature, any level should be able to grasp how to use it. You’re looking at a good day in trying to find the most ideal setup, which is normal considering how wide a range it can cover. But for actual setup of the camera itself, there is nothing that will prevent you from mastering the most important portions of its customization.


Moultrie did a good job with the durability of the product and it should be able to withstand bad weather and substandard temperatures. There aren’t a lot of weak points to the design other than the 150 lens that stretches across the front, but even then that material is resistant to any real damage that can happen. It’s as solid a camera as you’re going to get that can do 150 degrees wide angled photos.

Pictures and Video

The 8MP is just enough to keep things interesting with the camera. Photos are great while videos are good too. . There are multiple modes to go through that all include their own panoramic settings, and they are 0.5MP, 2MP, 4MP and 8MP. The customization options in the settings are not as deep with video but it still does an impressive job of spitting out 720p. The resolution on this camera is very good for 8MP and is on the higher tier of even Moultrie’s lineup.

Battery Usage

The strange thing about the batteries is that they last a very long time, but the downside being that they are the larger C batteries. You need 6 of them, which adds some considerable weight to the entire package. They aren’t hard to find batteries, and you can get 9,000 images out of them. So even if they didn’t go for the standard AA, the power of the camera seems to befit the larger C cell.


Full 150 panoramic view gives you an ultra-wide field of view so that you can monitor everything in the area. Camouflage is pretty good with the casing and works to hide it in plain sight when you use it outside. Motion detection is spot on, with a PIR sensor that has cranked up sensitivity to catch any heat movement within 45 feet. Users can set a motion delay that extends battery life in areas where there is a lot of movement and they don’t want to trigger too often. Hybrid mode takes several modes into considering when deciding when to trigger, making it highly configurable in areas where there are a lot of animals.


Heavy camera will be hard to place up high if you want to do aerial panoramic shots, and in many cases may be too dangerous. Requires 6C batteries which add considerable weight, and in the end doesn’t even extend the usage of the camera beyond the usual couple of months that AA’s would in other cameras. This points to a processor intensive camera that eats up a lot of power. While 720p is nice, the best and complete package would have included 1080p video to match modern standards. Using the camera in a home security setting would only work outside of the house due to the heavy camo design.

How Do People View It?

People love the panoramic view and have mentioned that it is easy to set up for first timers. A lot of proud hunters have even posted pictures online showing just how much of a wide angled view you can get compared to a regular trail camera. They did side by side comparisons with their old equipment and the difference was staggering. While unorthodox, customers are also complimenting the use of C batteries and how the extra weight with the strap-ins provide more security. The price is also complimented and it is considered one of Moultrie’s best.


With a price so low for a quality panoramic camera from a brand name, this is an instant insane deal. You are getting a lot for the money, and with the included 1 year warranty there really is no reason to consider another panoramic camera that doesn’t have Moultrie on it. They would have struck out if they didn’t include the 8MP or 720p video, so they did just enough to really sweeten the deal.

Lasting Appeal

Thankfully this is one of those cameras that can last for a decade, even with the 720p. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of movement for panoramic cameras of quality, so in some ways the Moultrie is ahead of the curve with their resolutions and power saving features. Unless something big comes out in the next decade there really is no reason to purchase another panoramic camera, even if it does offer 1080p video.

Personal Opinion

Moultrie really outdid themselves with this project, creating a wide view camera that has all the specs of a top tier camera in their own line. The only problems are the use of C cell batteries and only 720p video. Neither one of these are glaring issues, and it should be more than enough to move them forward as a leader in panoramic view cameras. The company may very well be able to hold down the budget trail camera line and a panoramic line, being leaders in both for the next few years.


Panoramic cameras are great if you have a wide open field and want to really get the biggest shot in one take. Not a lot of cameras support this function, and even when they do, it isn’t as good as the Moultrie. This is a great buy and one that will make a perfect camera for your hunting needs.

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