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Moultrie P-150i Game Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

Hovering around the medium price range is the Moultrie P-150i Game Camera, a model that is a bit different from their flagship. It has the usual Moultrie charm attached to it with a good amount of workmanship in the design. There is nothing too different about this from their other products, yet don’t be fooled. Underneath the familiar exterior is a camera that is a lot more than the usual Moultrie offering.

Moultrie P-150i Game Camera

Moultrie P-150i

  • 8.0 megapixels
  • Less than 1 second trigger speed
  • A detection range of 45 feet
  • 150 degree field of view
  • NO GLOW infrared has no visible flash
  • 1.6 Ounces weight

Key Features


The design is in camo, but the entire camera with the case looks like a giant mask. With the black reflective lens thrown across the entire front it is a bit of a dead giveaway, and won’t fool regular people if you plan to use it for home security. Animals will be a little less picky about it, but extremely cautious.

Weight & Dimensions

This is a big boy and weighs 2 pounds even marking it as one of the heaviest in Moultrie’s lineup. It’ll take more than a strong wind to knock this out of alignment, so securing it to a tree or other area is only half the battle. It’s also quite large at 7.5x9.5x5 inches and stands out just about anywhere you decide to put it.

Recommended Level

All levels will be able to use it without any issue, and advanced users will have their pick of some customizable options to make it worth their while. Beginners will benefit the most from the unit with the ability to learn some of the finer points of hunting with a trail camera. The instructions and setup are all pretty easy so it shouldn’t take long for a first timer to get the hang of things.


More than a good portion of the unit is covered by the black lens, with the rest clad in the armor that has become infamous for Moultrie. They don’t make it any thicker than this, as the case can take several pops and still keep on ticking. There will be no worries if it takes a tumble during a heavy storm, as you can pick it right back up and continue where you left off.

Pictures and Video

Now this is where the camera separates itself from the rest of the roster. While the 8MP is nice, it is nothing compared to the built in 150 degree panoramic view. It has a wide coverage area that is perfect for getting the shot you want, so make sure to put it in the correct position to capture the best picture. Pictures come out nice and clean, with video pushing 720p. Daytime or night time media carries the same crispness, and it looks great on high definition television sets.

Battery Usage

Extremely high, which is the drawback to the unit. It has a lot of processing power and is not shy about sucking up a set of batteries to break even. There are options for solar power and a rechargeable battery pack, which make a great option if you are tired of going to the store for batteries.


One of the strongest 8MP cameras you will run across on the Moultrie roster. Takes great high definition pictures and ditto for the 720p video. The 150 degree panoramic view is a great way to cover a wide area without buying multiple cameras, and works really well. Has a detection range of 45ft. with a flash range of 70ft. total. Trigger speed maxes out at 1 second so you never miss the shot you want to take. Whenever the lens needs to switch positions, it uses silent slide technology so that the prey isn’t disturbed. Time lapse mode is highly configurable and will please the power users. Lots of alternative choices available rather than using traditional batteries.


This camera will kill any battery you throw at it, and is a major resource hog. You are pretty much forced to purchase alternative ways to power the unit so that it doesn’t eat through batteries. The larger than normal casing and camera makes it difficult to position in some areas. You’ll have to get real creative if you are used to cameras half the size. Moultrie still hasn’t moved to full 1080p video despite the available capabilities of the technology. Trigger time is good but in Panoramic mode may be slightly slower when trying to maximize the potential. This can be adjusted in the settings for power users, while regular users will have to live with the issues.

How Do People View It?

The reviews from people are mixed, which is to be expected as this is a new type of camera for Moultrie. Big complaints come down to how the camera destroys any battery thrown at it with its power hungry nature. Even with people resorting to alternative power methods, the unit eats the power at an alarming rate.

Customers who moved over from the 150 are the most positive, citing the 150i as a major improvement to the original. On the other end of the reviews a firmware update for the camera on Moultries site that was causing some problems but has since been fixed. Experienced users were able to navigate through the problem correct when it happened while beginners may have had a time and a half dealing with it. Overall the camera is either loved completely or hated by the customers.


The value of the camera is going to vary wildly from customer to customer. Buyers that know its quirks and how to get around it are going to get the best deal. Buyers that don’t intend to purchase battery alternatives or use the panoramic view functions will get the least amount of value. In fact if you don’t plan on using the panoramic function then it really isn’t worth the money.

Lasting Appeal

Good panoramic view cameras aren’t mass made like the regular cameras, so expect this one to be worth its weight in gold even years later. A good 5 years seems about right since it outputs 720p video. Not much can be done beyond that other than upping the quality of the lens. There is the issue of the battery, so if they ever release a v2 of this product look for several people to do the upgrade sooner rather than later.

Personal Opinion

It’s a bit unlike Moultrie to put a camera out that has so many quirks attached to it. The model is large and bulk and it tears away at power no matter how you customize it. This is a far cry from the set it and forget it models that the company usually offers. The P-150i requires a lot more babysitting than their other cameras, and if it didn’t have the panoramic view feature then it would really look bad. Other than that killer feature, this is just a power hungry camera that is too big for its own good. Buyers in need of a wider field of view will get the most out of this camera if they are smart users.


There are much better cameras in Moultrie’s lineup, but not many of them do 150 degree panoramic view. If this is a feature you can’t live without, then by all means this is a purchase that is a pretty good bet.

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