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Moultrie M-888i Mini Game Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

With the idea of keeping up with some of the lesser known competitors, Moultrie decided to release a bulk set of one of their most favorite cameras to date. Its genius in more than one way and even at the high price turns out to be a real bargain. Buyers will contemplate this high priced package backed by a brand name more seriously than a generic one. Offering more bang for your buck, this is a complete security system that benefits from having a pretty decent model to duplicate. With a base that strong, the remaining part of the set is guaranteed to be a great deal.

Moultrie M-888 Mini Game Camera, Mossy Oak Bottomland

Moultrie M-888i Mini

  • 14 megapixel resolution
  • 100 ft. IR flash range
  • Takes HD video
  • 0.7 second trigger speed
  • Battery and Power Versatility

Key Features


A heavy camo style makes up the camera, so for home security it would only work if placed outside. If you want to use it within a house you have to get real creative with the placement. But when used out in the woods or the swamp, the RealTree Xtra camouflage design is so hard to make out that animals will always be fooled. The closer it gets to nighttime the harder it is to find, and even in the daytime the materials are not too plastic looking. So any reflections that would bounce off of lesser materials does not happen with these cameras.

Weight & Dimensions

Buyers can get creative with the placement of the cameras, as the whole set only comes up to 5.6 pounds for 4 cameras. That is a little over a pound for each camera, which is more than enough to really have your way. Dimensions are 9.5x6x3.5 inches, which puts it very close to compact size. Finding a spot to hide it in won’t be a problem with these dimensions, and is about as small as they could get it without compromising on the camera itself.

Recommended Level

The default would be to say that this is recommended for intermediate users since it is a multiple camera setup. Truthfully that would be the case, but any beginner that can follow instructions will be able to handle the setup. Beginners that owned the original camera before will also get a bigger boost in benefit from experience. There is nothing inherently hard about setting up the cameras, and it is one of the easier multi camera setups you can buy.


These cameras are built tough, not only to withstand severe weather and elements, but internally. It’s probably the best set of error free cameras that you can get, as they did a great job of making the case and the camera from the highest materials available. The only thing to watch out for is any noticeable tears in the camo design if it takes a bad drop.

Pictures and Video

Expect full 16:9 widescreen photos and videos from the cameras with the 8MP resolution. The cameras are not shy about pumping out the best quality whether it is day or night. All captured media looks great on HD television sets, with no need to upscale to make the quality look better. Video in particular is surprising for the 8MP resolution, as Moultrie really outdid themselves with this model.

Battery Usage

Requiring 8AA batteries per camera, you’re looking at 32AA batteries to power all of these cameras for up to a year. That’s a lot of AA’s, so make sure to stock up. And depending on how much action one camera gets over the next, some may die quicker than the others. It’s a balancing act that is helped out by the superior power saving settings that come customized right out of the box.


One of the few brand named multi-camera packs on the market, representing 4 identical MLB-800i’s which are great in their own right. Quality 8MP that takes great photos and videos at any time of the day. Small size with a good weight and durable outer shell to protect the camera. This includes the inside components which are also fairly strong. Multiple settings like picture delay, 70ft. flash range, the FastFire configuration, and password protection make this a top tier camera. The password protection alone makes it worth the money since it will be hard for thieves to take any of your media without your password.


Is very expensive for those that just want 2-3 cameras rather than 4. Since there is no way to separate the package, it will either give users the option of 1 or 4 cameras regardless of what manufacturer they go with. Would be preferable if brands starting releasing packs in 2, 3 and more increments for different users. Battery requirements can be hefty when combining all 4 units together, and can easily go into hundreds over the lifetime of the device. Video is 720p rather than 1080p, which is fine for most instances but can come into play for future proofing.

How Do People View It?

The package is well liked by the general populace, but most of the fandom comes from original owners of the MLB-800i. The picture and the resolution is considered to be one of the best from Moultrie, which is one of the bigger brands that focuses more on value per dollar than game breaking features.

In some ways the camera is a little bit of the surprise for the company which explains why they released this package to begin with. There are a lot of extras included right off the bat, starting with the massive amount of help and support from the original camera. Buyers that are running into any troubleshooting issues will have a lot of sources to pull from in order to solve their problems thanks to the history of the product.


You can’t beat the price even if it is high for all they include. Four of their best cameras and all of them have an included 4GB SD card. The 1 year warranty is sparse but well worth it for what is offered out of the box. Even if you don’t need the 4th camera, splitting it up as a gift for someone else is a good way to go with it.

Lasting Appeal

About a good portion of the appeal will come from users that don’t need the full set and can have one on standby for a backup. In that situation it really makes a lot of sense and will be beneficial to the user that ever has a problem with one of the main ones malfunctioning. As far the components themselves go, it is good for about 5 or so years. It’s a very much future proof set since it does video in 720p.


The set isn’t rare at all, and so pricing other sets to see which the best is won’t leave you missing out on a deal. Out of all the packs offered this one seems the most legit and worth your money, so take that into consideration. Seeing as how Moultrie is pretty good at keeping up with their products, this won’t be rare anytime soon.


Buyers that want the safest experience when shopping for a trail camera pack will want this. It is good for all aspects of trail hunting and pretty good for home security. This is one of the best packs available, if not the best totally.

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