Moultrie M-880 and M-880i Game Camera Review


The Moultrie M-880 Game Video Camera (2014 Design) is an effective mid array game camera. It has all the functions that are needed for monitoring of video game location or wildlife digital photography. The Game video camera M-880 is capable of catching images really promptly as quickly as it finds any motion. It has a respectable trigger time of concerning 0.8 seconds. It comes with three modes of operations, which permits it to have excellent control according to the need of the customer.

There are only couple of differences in between M-880 and M-880i. The Moultrie M- 880i makes use of No radiance infrared LEDs, as compared to red glow infrared LEDs used in M-880. Their flash arrays are 70 feet as well as 100 feet respectively.

Let’& rsquo; s have detailed discussion regarding the electronic camera on each of the specifications.

Moultrie M-880

  • 8.0 megapixels

  • Less than 1 second trigger rate

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  • A detection variety of 50 feet

  • A flash variety of 100 feet

  • Battery life of 13,500 photos

  • 1.6 Ounces weight

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Key Includes

Quick Facts

  • Trigger Speed: 0.8 second
  • Recuperation time: 5.2 seconds
  • Detection Array: 50 feet
  • Blink Range: 100 feet/70 feet
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 3.5 inches

Discovery Circuit

The discovery circuit of Moultrie M-880 works rather well. The manufacture claims to have a detection variety of 50 feet, which is a bit more than what we felt during our examinations. It detects almost all the motions within 40 feet. When it comes to the evening vision, it has 2 moduses operandi of flash. In the Extensive mode the photo gets dimmed in mostly all the locations other than the centre 40% location of the picture but utilizing this mode you can achieve optimal flash distance. In the other setting it executes pretty well.

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The video camera has three operational modes: Activity identify setting, Time-lapse setting as well as Crossbreed setting. In the activity find setting, it takes picture when PIR activity sensor is caused by any kind of motion. The electronic camera also has choices for the multi-shot per trigger, permitting it to take up to 3 pictures per trigger. In the Time-lapse mode, it simply records a photo at the interval specified by the user. It enable user to take photos at a minimal interval of 10 sec. In the hybrid mode the video camera will certainly catch the images at the specified time period in addition to it will be caused by the motion sensor.

It has a large angle area sight of 50 levels. The camera leads in the recovery time setting. It has several choice to choose from, beginning simply at 5 sec.

Photo High quality

If we discuss the image top quality of the M-880 video game electronic camera, it is really good. It has 8 –– megapixel sensing unit and also many resolution setups to pick from. It has an activity Freeze establishing that minimizes the blur in the night time images. Still Image Resolutions: Low 1280 x 720, Tool 1920 x 1080, High 2688 x 1512, Boosted 3840 x 2160 (4- setups) Video clip resolutions: VGA 640 x 480, HD 1280 x 720 (2-settings)

Battery and Power Options

It can run with 8- AA cells, where you can additionally put rechargeable batteries. It can additionally be powered with 12 –– volt DC exterior power source. It isn’& rsquo; t equipped with photovoltaic panel or any type of rechargeable power source, which is a disadvantage. But with the 8 AA alkaline batteries it can take about 13,500 pictures.

Type and also Attributes

The video camera comes with actually excellent attributes. It sustains Eye-Fi branded SD card, which enables it to connect to a Wi-Fi network and hence electronic camera can directly post pictures to the net. It is likewise outfitted with an electronic safety lock.

Ease of Use

M- 880 is rugged as well as robust cam. The controls are very easy to use. There is a LCD to show all the setting such that individual can conveniently navigate with them.

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The cost of the M-880 is set in such a way that it comes to be actually tough to locate any video camera with such specification. Although many economical video game electronic cameras are available in the marketplace however this cam measures up to all the expectation developed this rate.

Final thought

The Moultrie M-880 series are amongst the most effective path electronic camera I have ever used, it takes truly good photos, the design of the video camera is robust as well as rugged, also after dropping it a couple of times it was functioning. It completes well with high end game cams. Go for it.

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Moultrie M-880 and M-880i Game Camera Review
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