Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Moultrie M-1100i Game Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

Considered to be the most powerful camera in Moultrie’s lineup, the medium priced Moultrie M-1100i Game Camera is what everyone has been asking for from the company. It is a huge step in the right direction, and should provide a big blow to other companies that are offering the same technology at a higher price. Moultrie already leads the market in high quality budget cams, so how do they fare against the bigger name brands and their powerful cams? This is going to be an interesting battle that Moultrie just might win with the right resources.

Moultrie M-1100i Game Camera

Moultrie M-1100i

  • 12.0 megapixels
  • Half second trigger speed
  • Detection range of 50 ft
  • Full HD (1080p) Video
  • No-glow illumination flash
  • 1.02 Pounds weight

Key Features


The style is a modernized version of the camo that has become famous with Moultrie over the years. The updated camo is a lot less pronounced than their previous versions and can possibly be used for home security without standing out to much. It is definitely a go for trail hunting as few will really be able to tell it apart from the trees in the wilderness.

Weight & Dimensions

There is some extra weight to it when compared to other cameras, and it is a little bit bigger but not by much. The weight is 1.4 pounds, and feels just right when you take it out of the box. Dimensions are 7.5 9.5x5 and won’t really interfere with any of your major placement spots that you used with old cameras. It is just as easy to place this one as the rest, with the added benefit of the Moultrie having a little more weight for stability.

Recommended Level

As the highest tier in Moultrie’s lineup, it still maintains the easy to use but deep customization features of all of their other cameras. All users will be able to adapt to this camera in no time, so beginners and even power users will eventually be on the same playing field. The most complex settings are available and easy to set for beginners which is a plus, as they don’t have to worry about constantly tinkering with the camera to get the best configuration.


Like all other Moultrie products, they are set from the beginning to be able to withstand a lot of punishment. Drops, knocks and weather doesn’t bother this camera. The casing is heavy duty enough, but the added weight adds a special depth to the camera that is unlike anything they have produced before. The amount of work put into it was tremendous, and anyone that appreciates fine craftsmanship will love this little device.

Pictures and Video

This is Moultrie’s best yet, and is a powerful 12MP and can deliver full 1080p video. The pictures look absolutely astounding from any angle. The customization in the resolutions is deep, and can be set at 0.9MP, 2.0MP, 4MP and 12MP. All modes even down to the 0.9 look really good and is the prime reason that this is their best HD camera. Video is equally as impressive and has two modes of 720p and 1080p.

Battery Usage

Up to 10,000 images can be taken with the full charge of 8AA batteries, with that time lengthened if you decide to use variable settings with the resolution and video. Power saving features are top notch and can compete with the top tier of any camera. There is even an optional 12v external adapter if you want to keep it powered without eating up batteries.


An incredible 12MP camera that take the best photos and videos of Moultrie’s entire lineup. The output is gorgeous and looks great on any sized television set. A half second trigger speed is one of the tops in the industry and will make sure that you never miss anything important when the time comes.

Detection range is about 50ft. with the no glow flash range covering 80ft. total. The flash won’t set off the alarms of prey or intruders as it uses a no glow illumination flash, undetectable unless you’re specifically looking for it. A huge 2 inch color display was another step in the right direction for the company, letting users go through and admire all of their media in one place. There is no other camera in their lineup that has a more vibrant and lively display.


There really aren’t a lot of cons to this camera, only slight annoyances. Beginners will experience most of these, like not realize how to maximize their batteries by customizing the camera to go on different resolutions rather than staying at the default 12MP. This will eat up the battery and isn’t a performance setting by any means if you want it to operate on one set of batteries for a full year. The flash range is 20ft. shy of their best for the no glow, but nothing too major. Setting up a Wi-Fi adapter like the EYE-Fi Connect with it can be a hassle for first time users, with complicated instructions that will require a little bit of technical knowledge.

How Do People View It?

A lot of customers describe this as their favorite Moultrie camera of all time. Some customers that weren’t even Moultrie followers have found this to be the best camera they have ever owned. The strong 12MP is everyone’s favorite feature, and it is right up there in quality with any Bushnell or Covert product when it comes to picture and video quality. Owners of high definition television sets love that that don’t have to worry about grainy pictures or videos being displayed across the screen when they want to show it off to friends.


This is the best value on the market right now if you’re looking to upgrade or buy a new trail camera. The power of the unit is unlike anything Moultrie has ever released, and hopefully it is something that they keep building on. The price is perfect, and if they went any lower it would be like giving away the camera.

Lasting Appeal

There is a massive amount of lasting appeal in this product, as it is futureproof on all levels. Getting a decade of use out of it is pretty much expected, especially with the hardened casing from the Moultrie brand. For many this will be the only camera they ever need for trail hunting or home security, with an upgrade coming only after the original has been retired or broken. Additional pieces that can be added to the unit like Wi-Fi adapters and battery packs only prove that this is the real deal from a company that is serious about overtaking the industry.

Personal Opinion

Their best yet, Moultrie did everything in their power to give the customers what they have been asking for. This was an important step in the revolution of the brand, and will serve as the foundation for their future models. There is no better deal available in the industry, and there won’t be for a while-unless Moultrie decides to release another model, that is.


There is no reason to pass up this camera for any other one, as it is currently the best deal you can get. There are cameras that cost twice as much and can’t do what the M-1100i does, so why waste your money? Go out and get the best that the industry has to offer and enjoy the benefits.

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