Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Review

by Allan Lederman

Moultrie hasn’t been shy about re-releasing old products in a way to drum up interest. Some of the better ways they have done it besides the usual collectors editions is with the rare and sought after discounts on multiple items, or camera packs. Customers that want to buy a lot of low priced identical cameras and aren’t sticklers for resolution will love this deal.

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

Moultrie A5

  • 5.0 megapixel Low Glow infrared
  • 50-ft nighttime illumination range
  • Long-Range 850nm IR LED Infrared
  • A-5 captures day and night video
  • 4 C-cell batteries
  • The night range spans to 50-ft

Key Features


There is nothing that stands out about the green casing of the camera. It’s just there, big and bulky with nothing that would draw attention to it. That is why this design and color works in a balanced way for trail hunting or home security. It’s unlikely that anyone will notice since it is about as bland as it gets when it comes to design.


Coming in at close to 2 pounds, this was one of the original heavy cameras out there. The big and bulky look isn’t just for show, and the dimensions may make it a little hard to hide it in smaller places. Out in the wild you really can’t put it too high up since the range is limited, and for home security it will take a little decorating to make it blend in.

Recommended Level

All levels can use this, as there is nothing complicated about the initial setup or configuring the options. Advanced users may want to stay away and refer to the more powerful trail cameras being offered in packs or bundles as this will not whet their appetite. Intermediate users may join that circle too once they realize how outdated the tech is compared to what’s available.


As one of the original old cameras, it was made to get run over by a car and still work fine. These things are built heavy and strong, so they will last for many accidents or bumps and just keep on working. There are no worries about the cameras and their durability as they were made long before parts got lighter and weaker in the industry.

Pictures and Video

Now this is where the drop off will come in, and it is pretty significant. At only 5MP, you can just forget about video. The pictures are of average quality, but nothing special. At the very least they aren’t poor pictures, and you’ll be able to make out the bigger details in the media. To make it short, they get the job done, and that’s about it.

Battery Usage

Only 8AA’s are required to power the unit, and with the low resolution of the images you can last for months and get over 16,000 images from one charge. Generic batteries are fine for use, as this isn’t an energy hungry camera. There really isn’t a single feature that uses up a significant amount of power.


Very neutral color that makes it great for indoor and outdoor use. It won’t be a distraction either way and can be hidden in plain sight. Batteries are rock solid, even generic ones that wouldn’t work well with other cameras. They last a long time, and pump out thousands of images before they even get to the point where replacement is an issue. Durability isn’t a concern as the cases are hardened and made to withstand a lot of punishment. Moultrie is a trusted brand name that honors their warranties and has a great customer support system. In this particular pack, customers can choose from 1-10 devices to be added in multiples of 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 and 10. This represents one of the few times customers were given that option, leaving out the off chance that they’ll end up with 1 more camera than they want or 1 less camera than they want in a set.


Video is a no go on this device, with a 5MP resolution so weak that it only takes average pictures. The 5MP is ancient at this point, and will suffice for regular viewing but nothing too taxing. The big and bulky camera tends to be hard to place at first, taking a little bit of skill to find acceptable areas. There are hardly any options to configure so power users will get bored with the limitations really quickly. The camera is outdated to the point where beginners won’t even need to consult the manual to understand the deeper settings.

How People View It

Favorably, with beginner to intermediate levels loving the ease of use with getting it set up. The price seems to be a favorite point for customers, as this is the lowest priced brand name camera on the market. There were some complaints about the types of batteries to use and being careful about the class of SD cards used with the unit. That makes a lot of sense considering that newer and faster SD cards have made an appearance since the creation of this trail camera, and many of them are incompatible with the unit. The key word that keeps getting tossed around by satisfied customers is affordable, so it’s possible that mostly residential customers are getting the better deal out of this rather than small business owners who buy them in packs of 10.


This is going to be tricky since it involves comparing how the tech and resolution are old to how much of a bulk value this is to the common consumer or business owner. For reasons of getting the most eyes around a field or concentrated area, using a 360 camera would be more beneficial than purchasing several of these cameras. The value just isn’t there with the tech being as old as it is. As legacy hardware it is outdated the moment you take it out of the box.

Lasting Appeal

Not a lot, unless it is sentimental. Small businesses will benefit from these if they need to go in several areas. But if that is the case it would be a better idea to get a console with security cameras meant for being solely inside. The only appeal this would have is to beginners that want a deal or enthusiasts who just want to try the camera out.


They aren’t rare at all, which is one of the main reasons Moultrie is repackaging it as a bulk deal. Expect more rebranding like this of the same camera if it continues to get into a lot of hands. There is something about the camera that attracts new buyers, and it may well be beyond the price.

Personal Opinion

A good portion of the appeal with this device will come from the extremely low price. What buyers should be aware of is that even in Moultrie’s own line, if they spend a tiny bit more they can get better quality. The bulk packaging of this camera is meant for those that want to cover a large area, or several at once. If you don’t need that, then your money is better spent elsewhere.


There are much better bulk camera solutions available that don’t lean on old tech, and won’t be nearly as outdated as this one. While this package does have its place for certain buyers, they are a small bunch that would be better served looking deeper in Moultrie’s roster.

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