Last Updated: April 29, 2019

Moultrie Game Camera

by Allan Lederman

Moultrie cameras are truly world class and they provide range of 13 trail cameras and one video camera to choose from. All the cameras come with one-year warranty, password protection and time date stamp. If you are just a beginner or do not want to shell out a moolah for a camera then Moultrie cam range is just for you. Loaded with all the essentials yet light on pocket and easy to operate, it is what a learner would want. For the “Pro” of the game, Moultrie has cameras that come with sophisticated functions and features that complete your hunting experience.

The Moultrie Minis

  • M550, 880, 880i, 880c, 990i and 1100i are the six mini cameras from Moultrie that come with delay adjustments, 32 GB Card memory and detection range of 70 ft with an exception of 100 ft for M880.
  • M550 is the simplest and cheapest Moultrie mini cam, which comes with 7MP resolution and a low Glow Infrared LED. Trigger speed can take up to 1.5 seconds.
  • The 880 series has an HD capture, 8 MP resolution and the trigger speed of less than one second.
  • 880c comes with white LEDs whereas 880 has low glow infrared. 880i is the only one with invisible LED lights. M990i has a 10 MP camera and HD display.
  • 1100i is fitted with a 12 MP camera for high quality clear images. Both 990i and 1100i are “no Glow” invisible cameras. Under half a second, 1100i has the best trigger speed amongst the minis.

The Game Cams

  • Moultrie’s five game cameras come in a varied price range to suit every pocket.
  • All cameras come with low glow infrared, with a flash area of 50-80 ft and 32GB data card. A-5, A-8 and D-333 have a price tag of under $100.
  • A-5 is the basic model with a 5MP camera, a range of 50 ft. Both A-8 and A-5 do not support HD display but A-8 has an 8 MP camera.
  • D-333 is a 7 MP camera with HD display and 70ft coverage. D-444 is again an 8 MP camera but with its low blur technology, 80 ft of coverage, HD display and less than 1second trigger speed. It has an edge over A-8 justifying its price tag.
  • 555i is the most advanced camera in the category of game cams with 8 MP resolution, and more sophisticated feature like built-in view screen, illumni –Night sensor and barometric pressure reading.

The Panorama

Panoramic 150 and 150i are the very advanced trail cameras from the stable of Moultrie. Both the cameras have 8MP camera, motion freeze feature, illumni-Night sensor and time-lapse mode. The 150i gains an edge over 150 with its no-glow infrared technology and 100 ft of coverage against 70 feet, that is covered by 150. In all other respects, these cameras are same.

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