Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

The Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera is a good camera for scouting your yard and for home surveillance under the price bracket of 60$ (available just at a price of 56 $ on Amazon). It is an entry level camera with the basic features. If you are not familiar with the game cameras, next few lines will give you a brief idea of what game camera is and specifically what A5 is capable of doing.

It takes a photo whenever it detects any movement in the frame within an optimal night time range of 50 feet but some users felt that it misses the shot when small animal moves within the range. During the test it is found that that the camera accurately detects any movement within 40 feet, which is good enough. It uses the motion sensor to detect the movements. Also, it uses infrared LED Flash that can’t be seen by the animals; hence it captures the images during the nights without disturbing the game.

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera

Moultrie A5

  • 5.0 megapixel Low Glow infrared
  • 50-ft nighttime illumination range
  • Long-Range 850nm IR LED Infrared
  • A-5 captures day and night video
  • 4 C-cell batteries
  • The night range spans to 50-ft

Key Features

Quick Facts

  • Trigger Speed: 1.17 seconds
  • Recovery time: 60 seconds
  • Detection Range: 50 feet (good detection within 40 feet)
  • Flash Range: ~30 feet
  • Batteries: 4- C cell batteries [given with the camera]
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches; 1.4 pounds
  • Rating: 3.2/5

Detection Circuit

The motion sensor used for sensing the movements is good enough; it senses the movements pretty well. Even at the minimum delay time which is 1 minute, It can take shoots to a really long duration because of the high power battery and the expendable storage capacity is far beyond the limit to cause any problem. In a 32 GB SD card you can store plenty of images and videos.

After being triggered, it can capture a still image or a 10- sec video but it can’t take any photo or video in the next 1 minute which is a big limitation. It has a night time flash range of about 30 feet and detection range of about 40 feet and It has a 50 degree wide field view. Though the motion sensor works pretty well but it isn’t well matched with the actual frame of the picture. Detection zone of the camera is much wider than the area which actually comes into picture; hence it gets triggered even when there is nothing in the frame. It is quite disappointing. During our test it took only about 30% of pictures with animals in the frame.

Picture Quality

If we talk about the picture quality of the A5 game camera, it is really good. It takes photos with really good focus also during the nights. Day time pictures are really good in terms of the sharpness but the color production is not that good. Pictures taken during the nights are good enough, thanks goes to the infrared LEDs (just don’t compare with the day time pictures!).

  • Still Image Resolutions: Low 640 x 480, High 2560 x 1920 (2- settings)
  • Video resolution: 640 x 480

Type and Features

The entry level camera A5 comes with basic features. It comes with IR LED flash, LCD display, security cable etc. It doesn’t have anything special to highlight.

Battery and Power Options

It comes with 4- C cell battery, which can take around 8000 photos in a go. It can also be powered with 12 – volt external power supply. It isn’t equipped with solar panel or any rechargeable power source, which is a drawback. But with the given battery, backup is pretty impressive.

Ease of use

The camera is pretty easy to use, the user interface is locked in the hard plastic, and you need to unlock in order to use its settings. A small display is also available to display date and time.


The performance of the camera is okay for the price bracket of 60$. It is obvious that you will not get all the features in this price bracket; hence you can go for it if you are truly in a tight budget. The features are okay for the surveillance of your yard and for shooting pictures for a wildlife documentary. Its battery backup is a plus. It would have been a good choice if its detection zone would have well matched with the picture frame.

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