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Cuddeback Camera Reviews

by Allan Lederman

Cuddeback cameras give your hunting experience an upper hand with their versatile range of cameras with an amazing resolution and super-fast trigger speed of 1/4th of a second. Neatly divided in different categories, you can choose according to your priorities and requirements.

Best Cuddeback Cameras

Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Camera

Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Camera

Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3

  • 20Mega Pixel
  • 1/4 second trigger speed
  • 50 ft flash range
  • Longer flash range

The upgraded version of the E2, the mid-priced Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3 Camera has some interesting changes that are going to be hit or miss for some consumers. It sports the same amount of processing power and pixels, and also has the industry best .25 second trigger speed. But where it differs from the E2 version is that the flash range is half of what it used to be, and is now capped at 50ft. That’s still good for a camera of this size, but that change was a big step down.

The tradeoff is that nighttime pics in this version are great, something that the E3 struggled with. Customers will have to figure out what’s more important to them and then make a purchase; the E2 for daytime pictures and a longer flash range, or the E3 for day and night pictures. The black flash is a nice touch and keeps people or animals from being alerted that they are being watched. A nice upgrade from the E2, when deciding what camera to get it will come down to personal needs.

Cuddeback X-Change Color Trail Game

Cuddeback 1279 20Mp X-Change Color Day & Night Model Game Hunting Camera

Cuddeback Black Flash Model E3

  • 20 Megapixels
  • 1/4 second trigger speed
  • Features Genius Mount
  • 50 foot flash range
  • Full Color Night Images
  • 1.06 Pounds weight

One of the more expensive products in the lineup is the Cuddeback X-Change Color Trail Game Hunting Camera. This is the first really big camera that gained notoriety from the company outside of their E series, and it’s easy to see why. This camera employs specific zones and combines it with the power of the .25 second trigger to give you ultimate courage. The blind spots and missed moments that plague lesser cameras are not a concern with this model. And the video mode has been overhauled and is a better user experience with better resolution.

It is an all-around better experience than any of its predecessors when taking photos or videos. And if for some reason the flash module goes bad, it is interchangeable and easily replaced. The dimensions of the camera are average at 7 x 7.2 x 3.5 inches but the weight makes it a big boy at 2 pounds. Make sure when you mount this that it is in a place that can handle the extra weight despite the conditions. One of the very best models available, this is a trail camera that consumers will love.

Cuddeback IR Trail Game Hunting Camera

Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera

Cuddeback IR

  • .50 trigger speed
  • 20 Megapixels Images
  • Advanced low-light CMOS image sensor
  • 100 foot flash range
  • 8 AA batteries 
  • 1 Pounds weight

It’s hard to describe the Cuddeback IR Trail Game Hunting Camera, with its thin frame and low cost. Many consumers have voiced that it is an underappreciated gem in the line, so there is definitely some meat to go with its specs. It’s an 8MP camera that takes great photos and videos, running off of 8AA batteries for almost a full year. Both the photos and videos are great quality, and there are no complaints concerning how they look when on a big screen TV after import.

This camera also has the infamous zone control, giving your more coverage in an area with its .50 trigger speed. Because of its slim frame, it has a lot of use in areas where mounting another trail camera may be impossible. It can blend into crevices great, and has dimensions of 12 x 6.6 x 4 inches. This is going to be a rare slim profile trail camera and is a great find for people that need a camera for home security. Buyers that want something different and that they can put in slimmer areas should purchase this camera and enjoy the benefits.

Cuddeback Non Typical Long Range IR C2 Camera

Cuddeback Non Typical Long Range IR C2 Camera

Cuddeback IR C2

  • .25 seconds trigger speed
  • Flash range over 100 ft
  • Interchangeable flash modules
  • Quarter second trigger speed
  • Quarter second trigger speed
  • 1.05 Pounds weight

The best that the company has to offer is the Cuddeback Non Typical Long Range IR C2 Camera, which surprisingly isn’t their flagship model. It is on the middle of the price scale but has a lot of high end features to keep customers busy. It’s if they took all of the best features from their other cameras and crammed it all into this one. Trigger speed is locked at a blazing .25 seconds while it works in tandem with the zone control to make the most out of the space. More areas will be covered with nothing missed with these two systems in place.

Everything runs smoothly on 8AA batteries, and that includes even when you take a lot of video compared to audio. The flash module is interchangeable if it gets damaged, or just for a mod or an upgrade if you want. The best upgrade in this case would be to the black flash module, giving the camera the ability to take pictures and videos without alerting the intruder or the game. This is really the best model they have ever produced, and it will leave a lot of customers satisfied with the purchase.

Cuddeback Long Range IR Model E2 Camera

CUDDEBACK 20MP Model E2 Long Range IR Micro Trail Game Camera

Cuddeback Long Range IR Model E2

  • .25 second trigger speed
  • 20 Megapixels Images
  • Low light performance
  • Advanced low-light CMOS image sensor
  • Plus Battery Booster
  • 4 times the power capacity

Having a unique take on the trail camera market, Cuddeback introduces this medium priced camera that has all of the bells and whistles. The Cuddeback Long Range IR Model E2 Camera is strong in both its presentation and its features. It has a .25 second trigger speed to catch all of the action before it gets away. Less blurry shots, and not shots that catch absolutely nothing. The flash range is incredible, and can go as far as 100ft. This is one of the largest flash ranges for a camera of this price, so if that is your killer feature make sure to note it.

The housing is pretty good, and the size is about 12 x 6.6 x 4 inches, so plan accordingly. About the only con to mention is that this camera does no excel at nighttime viewing. Although daytime pictures are brilliant, the nighttime pics come out at average quality. Battery life is hit or miss unless you have good batteries to throw in it, so don’t cheap out with dollar tree batteries in this model. With a good quality SD card and batteries expect this to last for years without any problems. Buyers that are keen on getting one of the best in the Cuddeback line will most likely end up with this one.

Flash & Black Flash Cameras

  • C23 model come with an option of IR and black flash technology modules that can be used as per the conditions and requirement.
  • The IR module has a long flash range of 100 ft and Black flash, 50 ft. C123 Multi Flash camera has an additional option with a Colour flash with a 50 feet range; this flash gives an edge to colour photographs taken during at night.
  • They all come with 20 MP resolution, best in its class! Black flash cameras have E3, C3, Attack and Ambush models.
  • E3 and C3 are almost identical with 50ft range, 2 Watt invisible track and 20 MP resolution. Attack and Ambush have 5 MP picture quality and a 50 ft coverage; however, attack black flash has a D powered battery whereas Ambush uses standard AA. Both the models do not support video with sound.

Long Range Cameras

This category has four cameras and all of them have a 100 ft flash coverage and are AA battery powered except Attack series which uses D batteries. IR E2 and C2 have 20 MP resolution and Attack and Ambush come with 5 MP. The day images are coloured and night images, black & white.

Color Cameras

All these cameras come fitted with color flash which provides good quality day and night color images. Color C is the best model which comes with 20 MP resolution whereas the Attack and Ambush have a mere 5 MP resolution. All the cameras have a reasonable range of 50 ft. Cuddeback is powered by D batteries unlike the other two models which are AA powered.

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