Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G Cellular Trail Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G Cellular Trail Camera is the modification of the Covert’s Special Ops Code Black camera and comes with the 3G performance that provides you with the better signals and improved battery life. It has the ability to send photos through text and emails. It uses an activated SIM card from AT&T to text photos to your cell phone or email address. The 60 invisible flash LEDs are undetectable and have a flash range of 60 feet.

Some of the in-built features of this camera are 3-5-8 MP resolution, MMS wireless ability, 2 inch colour viewer, time lapse mode, 2 phase timer switch, 32 GB SD card capacity, 3 adjustable sensitivity levels, operates on 12AA’s taking approx 3000 pictures and time/date/temperature and Moon phase stamps. It can be used both for scouting wildlife and for security purposes.

Covert Wireless Trail Camera Code Black

Covert Blackhawk Wireless Trail Camera

  • Wireless control & image transfer
  • 12MP resolution
  • 1080P video with audio
  • 12 AA batteries
  • Invisible IR flash 
  • 1.35 Pounds weight

Key Features

Quick facts

  • Trigger Speed: 1.2 s
  • Recovery time: 52 s
  • Detection Range: 90 feet
  • Flash Range:  60 feet
  • Batteries: 12 AA batteries.
  • Dimensions:  5.5 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Overall rating: 4.2/5

The Covert line also includes the popular Covert Mp8 Mossy Oak and the Covert Scouting MP-E5 Infrared Trail Camera.

Detection Circuit

The 1.2s trigger speed for this camera is quite low. It takes around 52 sec to recover back as camera takes the photo, upload to the cellular network, send the photo to you and then recover it back for next trigger. It covers the large detection zone. It can detect animals up to 90 feet. This camera is capable of covering large area.

Picture Quality

This camera provides you with the excellent daytime pictures. The picture quality is outstanding with good colour and depth. The pictures are mailed directly from the camera. The pictures mailed to you have the resolution of 640x480.  Night pictures have decent flash range and are quite good. It can adapt to different light conditions and can provide you with good results.

Battery and Power Options

Power consumption of this camera during day and night time is pretty good. The camera operates on 12AA batteries. You can use lithium batteries but alkaline or Ni-MH batteries will not work very well. In the presence of sunlight, you can use HCO 6 volt solar charger. Battery life of this camera is better.

Type and Features

Receiving instant email or text notifications from the trail camera is incredible. It has 3 adjustable sensitivity levels which allow you to adjust the sensitiveness of your photo. It has 60 invisible flash LEDs with 60 feet flash range. It wirelessly transmits photos to your cell phone or email. The 3-5-8 MP resolution offers you the choice between more low resolution images or fewer higher resolution images. It has 2 inch view screen built in. The camera supports up to 32 GB SD card capacity.

Ease of Use

The design is decent and well constructed. Programming of this camera is not up to the mark. You may have to press buttons multiple times in order to execute the command. The programming of this camera is quite similar to the previous version. You have to have AT&T SIM card in order to activate it.


Overall, Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G Cellular Trail Camera comes with many useful features and is pretty good. The process of taking photos at an interval of 60 sec is very useful to those who did not wanted to miss any great moments. It takes excellent quality photos and covers huge area. It operates on 12 AA batteries which can take around 3000 photos. However there is SIM card issues but the features it provides makes it best surveillance camera as well as best suited for wildlife.

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