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Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G 60-LED Wireless Game Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

Expensive and one of the best cameras you can purchase with wireless built in, the Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G 60-LED Wireless Game Camera is a beast offering from Covert. Even over a year after its release it has gone on to receive numerous awards and become a top tier camera in their lineup. A good portion of that has to do with the brand name behind it, while the other has to do with the outstanding features they shipped the camera with. The reviews for the camera are spot on, as many have recommended and continue to place it high on their list.

Covert Wireless Trail Camera

Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G Cellular

  • Wireless control & image transfer
  • 12MP resolution
  • 1080P video with audio
  • 12 AA batteries
  • HD Video with sound
  • 1.35 Pounds weight

Key Features


The styling is simple, as they made sure to get as much out of the design as possible to keep the wireless signal strong. The antenna at the top goes up just enough to still be able to hide it away without it being noticed. And with such a simple design, it is perfect for trail hunting and home security. In fact the design is one of the best security designs for any camera that you can get. So the universal decision to use it for any task falls strictly upon the customer and where they can place it.

Recommended Level

All levels can use the camera, although it is recommended for intermediate level and up due to the wireless functions. If a beginner has already dealt with wireless devices before, then this one will be a no brainer. But one of the top researched questions for the device has to do with its wireless capabilities, and all of the questions are form beginners. And while the device has great functionality out of the box with its range, users that aren’t familiar with how to tweak settings will be completely at a loss when it is needed.


Considering it has a wireless module, this is possibly the best choice for a casing that they could come up with. The antenna is in a good place to keep it from being in the way or getting damaged. And it is thick, strong and can take a hit. Buyers shouldn’t be too concerned with the antenna being the weak point of the product. Other lesser products have key weak points like the camera compartment or the lock. There is no weak point to speak of with this casing, and in severe weather the signal is surprisingly strong. Your results may vary depending on location, but all should expect to get a nice wireless signal due to the superior casing, despite the weather.


Was voted the “2012 Best Buy” by the infamous Inside Archery magazine. This is a prestigious honor and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The camera uses 60 invisible LEDs and a trigger speed of 1.2 seconds to capture the target as a picture or video. Sim card users will be able to get a better deal on MMS with the camera if they already have a current plan with AT&T. Supports up to 32GB SD cards and multiple resolutions of 3, 5 and 8MP. Up to 3000 pictures can be taken with 12AA batteries, and they all will contain time, date, temp and moon phase stamps.


The only provider for internet is through sim card companies like AT&T and T-Mobile. Users that are in areas where simless towers like Verizon and Sprint are will be completely out of luck. There is currently no way around this, so if you are putting the camera in an area where the towers are weak, it will be a hit or miss. Trigger speed is also a little slow considering this is a top tier camera, and could have used some fine tuning before it was released. Besides the wireless function, this is a pretty good camera but comes at a top tier price.

Included Accessories

Nothing out of the normal is included, which is kind of a small letdown. You’ll get the basic instructions and warranty info. It’s up to you to find and activate a carrier with the card, so don’t expect everything to magically work out of the box. The camera really isn’t upgradeable outside of the normal SD card, sim card, and connections for a solar charger for those smart enough to install one. This really isn’t what you would consider an ‘upgradeable’ or ‘accessory rich’ camera so don’t go into the purchase expecting to get a lot of extras.


With very few capable wireless cameras on the market, by default the value of this camera is tremendous. There really isn’t a lot of competition in the wireless camera market. This does come out to be one of the higher priced cameras you can get, but it is worth every penny if you want a quality wireless camera with good end user support. This is a camera that won’t lose its resell value over the years like others, and is an award winner to boot. The only thing that might slow it down over the years is the 1.2 trigger speed, but not by much.

Lasting Appeal

It’ll be around for a lot of years and won’t really fall out of favor with customers. As mentioned before, the only drawback is the trigger speed of 1.2 seconds. While not critical, it does hurt it somewhat in the overall scope of a couple of years as technology develops. If more wireless cameras come out that have a quicker trigger speed, then the market will get pretty full and this camera will be in a little trouble. So for the time being it is still one of the best wireless options out there, and most likely will be a few years from now.

Best Comparison

The expensive Spartan HD GoCam (Verizon Version) 3G Wireless is double the cost of the Special Ops but does offer an alternative wireless solution. Buyers in the Verizon Wireless range will find this option more attractive, even if they are paying an ultra-premium price for it. The Spartan is a bit of a battery hog, so that is something to look out for. And as discussed above, the trigger speed is better for this wireless camera than it is for the Covert. The choice between these two cameras will come down to coverage area only, as they are the primary function of the camera.

Personal Opinion

It shouldn’t be too hard to convince anyone interested in a quality wireless camera to purchase the Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G 60-LED Wireless Game Camera. Its longevity is a bit of a question mark with the changing wireless market, but yet it is one of the best options available for consistent HD wireless functions. The price is currently the best it has ever been, and this is the best time to upgrade or purchase a wireless trail camera.


For a great camera with wireless capabilities then consider this product from Covert. They are leaders in the industry for a reason, and even if the camera lacks decent longevity, it’ll be exactly what you need out of the box. It’s at a great price that makes it the perfect buy for anyone looking at a camera.

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