Last Updated: November 11, 2020

Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Review

by Allan Lederman

The Covert MP8 Trail Camera drives a hard bargain for anyone in the market for a low priced camera. It has enough raw power to interest advanced users but at a price that is friendly to all. The camera won’t blow you away with features but is a prime example of doing all of the little things right from the start.

Covert MP8 Black Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Covert MP8 Black Trail Camera

  • 40 No glow invisible LEDs
  • 8.0 Mega pixels
  • HD Video with audio
  • Easy to use color viewer
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Key Features


The style is pretty spot on with the mossy oak break-up country, suitable for all outdoor use but failing to impress for home security. Outdoor home security will be fine, but indoor home security would have it standing out like a sore thumb. The strength of the units coating has it made more for trail hunting and they don’t try to hide that fact.

Weight & Dimensions

It’s just under a pound in weight, so very light and can be hung in a tree for distance. The dimensions are 5x3.8x3 and are very balanced to open spaces where you may want to put the camera. The most surprising thing about all of this is just how light the camera is, which at first glance is something you may take for granted. That weight won’t affect just how useful it is when the weather gets bad, so no worries there.

Recommended Level

All levels will be able to use the product faithfully, as the documentation isn’t hard at all. Intermediates were the original target, but with the features being fleshed out the way they were, it became a camera that all levels would enjoy. It really is one of the more balanced cameras on the market when it comes to ease of use.


The case is strong and hardened, and just doesn’t look like it. Unlike some other models, thought went beyond the styling of the case and it can take a drop, a hit, and years of abuse. It’s not naturally weatherproof or waterproof, yet is as close as you can get without paying a premium for a better case. There will be no issues at all when using this in adverse conditions.

Pictures and Video

Photos are taken using the 8MP, which performs almost like 10MP due to the quality. Photos come out looking vibrant and lifelike, and video is surprisingly on par with the pictures when it comes to quality. HD video with sound is very good from this model and does not suffer from graininess or quality issues even at night time.

Battery Usage

Battery usage is good, and it only takes about 8AA to get about a full 8-12 months of use out of the camera. Power saving does a good job in extending that time to the max, so if you buy good quality batteries you’ll get on the higher end of that rather than the lower. Generic batteries will perform pitiful in this model, so it is expected to buy brand name.


Twenty-eight infrared LED’s highlight the main reason why this camera takes such excellent photos and videos. A resolution of 8MP is more advanced and acts like a 10MP camera, giving you extreme quality from both ends at day and night. The high definition video comes with audio and is on par with the picture quality, proving that no shortcuts were made with the resolution. The color viewer is big and easy to read, with time, date, temp and moon phase stamps to identify all of the media. Battery saving features are at max if you use brand name batteries.


Only 28 infrared LED’s means the range is not as far as other cameras. This applies to wide angle shots from the camera, which are completely missing. So if you are in an open field, the view will be somewhat limited and may require better placement. Generic batteries are useless in this model and won’t get you to the end of the year. It is best just to stay away from non-brand named batteries in order to fully utilize the power of the camera. Color viewer is a nice size but could have been about ½ inch bigger to better show the details of the excellent pictures and videos it takes.

How Do People View It?

The main thing people keep bringing up is the battery life and how excellent it is. Customers figured out early on to stick to brand name batteries and it paid off tenfold, showing the incredible battery saving features of the product. Picture quality is unanimously loved, and it is recommended above plenty of cameras that have higher resolution due to its enormous amount of consistency. This includes day and night viewing which are usually hard combos to pull off consistently. Setup is considered easy and quick to go through while the customization options are all spelled out and not difficult at all.


This is a tremendous value for any level. It is one of the best cameras on the market, and the Covert MP8 will retain that lasting value for a very long time. The price is almost unfair to the company for what they provide, so overlooking this camera would be a big mistake.

Lasting Appeal

Easily in the five to 10 year range. It won’t break easily and the case is good enough to keep the important components safe. There will be newer cameras that come out, and surprisingly they won’t offer the balance of daytime and nighttime supremacy that this camera offers. The 8MP in its current form is futureproof, and worthy of passing over more expensive cameras in favor of.


There are plenty floating around in the market, and it has been out a while. This model is not hard to get your hands on, so feel free to compare it to other cameras in the same price range. Bigger and better cameras may be available, but there is no way that they will come close to the price of this camera and its balanced features.

Best Comparison

Game Cameras 1080P HD 120 Degree Wide Angle camera is a great comparison since it has the wide angled feature that is missing from the Covert camera. The amount of HD horsepower in the Game Cameras 1080p is negligible since the quality is still neck and neck with the Covert. With both of these costing the same, it would be smarter to go with the trusted Covert unless you were seriously starved for wide angled shots.

Personal Opinion

Balance is not something you get a lot of in the industry. The only weak point to the camera is the styling which makes it unsuitable for indoor home security use. It is a minor downfall, as everywhere else it really hits all the right notes. More of the better features will remained uncovered by beginners until they full read the manual. At the current price it is a must have trail camera that is about everything you need all in one package.


Don’t doubt the power of Covert, as they are primed and ready to make the MP8 one of the markets best trail cameras. If a newer version of the same camera goes for a better case, you may be looking at the best camera on the market for its price point.

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