Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Covert MP8 IR Game Camera Mossy Oak Review

by Allan Lederman

Covert is on fire again with the high priced Covert MP8 IR Game Camera being a wonderful changeup to their usual flagship of trail cameras. Its high quality photo and video capabilities combined with a top of the line case makes it a winner in several categories. This is definitely one of the best they have to offer, and is a fan favorite for its abundance of features. Expect to see more from the line in the future as they flesh out some of the better features in the product. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of this great series, but it will go down as one of the best.

Covert MP8 IR Game Camera Mossy Oak

Covert MP8 IR Game Camera

  • 8MP Photo Resolution
  • 40ft Flash Range
  • 28 infrared LEDs
  • Color Viewer
  • 14.4 Ounces weight
  • 8 AA batteries required

Key Features


The mossy oak look makes it more suitable for outside use as trail cameras rather than security cameras. It blends in real well in all outside situations, and will be hard to spot by humans or animals. The discrete way it can hang out in the open is really a testament to how well they made the product. This specific model was copied by more generic companies due to the casing. But there is that trade off of not being able to hide it well in a home security environment. Although if the user was adamant about it they could place it outside near a tree to monitor visitors or passerby’s.

Recommended Level

There isn’t anything too flashy about this product that would make it a burden for any level. So beginners and up is the recommended requirement for the product. Expect even beginners to get a lot of use out of all the functions with the laid out documentation. It is simple yet effective in getting you familiar with all of the functions of the product without overloading you with useless information. The best thing about it is that it is no slouch in the advanced features department, so it still remains a powerful product even for advanced users that need to up the ante a bit.


Mossy oak casing always looks stronger than it actually is, but in this case it fits the bill nicely. Strong and powerful, it can take a drop or two and still keep the camera safe. The best part about the case is the amount of work that went into securing the locked portion, and all without making it a pain in the rear to get open. Expect for the casing to last longer than the camera, as they really put a lot of money into securing it. Severe weather won’t have much of an impact, and it will continue to hum along just nicely in its normal position.


An 8MP powerhouse that will be more than enough for most users. The case is really nice and can withstand some really bad conditions. The 28 infrared LEDs are placed in a way that you get maximum efficiency. Even if the camera is placed in a not so ideal position, expect to get some pretty good photos. Contains a lot of the top tier features of the Extreme Series, a camera series that is considered one of Coverts best. Time lapse and start stop modes are not a pain to use and are pretty useful on the cameras overall setup.


A little bit overpriced for what it offers, and depending on the user, may be completely overpriced. Flash range is only 40ft. which is short by a lot. With only 28 infrared LED’s this can be a problem if trying to take night photos. There are limited configurations for changing the cameras settings, with only the most basic being available. Camera is great, but technology in it is slightly outdated the moment you buy it if going by what’s currently on the market. Motion detection is hit or miss when using it for home security, which is a big downer if that was its primary purpose.

Included Accessories

Nothing special to see here, although the external battery port is interesting. A lot of times when these cameras are out in the wilderness they run out of juice right when you need them the most. A way around this is to plug it into a jack, but then you are bound to that location and its power. So by using the external battery port, you get to move it around freely and not compromise your location. While this is the only included feature or accessory that is worth mentioning, it is good enough to the point that other items are not necessary.


Expect for the value of the Covert MP8 IR Game Camera to stay largely the same. It has its fans and will still be considered a quality item even 5 years from now. This is due to the reliability. Add in the fact that it has the external battery port, and many users will have this in the same area for years without even moving it. It’s one of those cameras that is worth the price out of the box simply for its uptime. When factoring in the durability of the camera, its value really does hold up well when compared to other cameras of the same price.

Lasting Appeal

Expect to get a good 5-10 years out of the camera. Not because its components are futureproof, but because they are so reliable. Standards aren’t going to change too much for cameras in this price category, and with the huge amount of data that can be put on one card, unless you are a heavy user it will hold up well. Covert cameras have a way of sticking around longer than others, and this one is no exception. It would be nice if they added a little more power to the camera for the long-term, but most users will be fine with the current power.

Best Comparison

If you’re willing to go with a company that us lesser known, then the best comparison is the TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera. Not only is it lower priced, it is also a powerhouse by comparison and almost doubles the resolution of the Covert camera. On the downside the case isn’t as strong, and longevity would be in question while the Covert is expected to last for years. Customers that want to take a risk can go for the TEC.BEAN and enjoy the futureproofing power. Yet those with reliability concerns will stick with the trusty and known Covert.

Personal Opinion

This is a camera that doesn’t really stand out from the pack at its price range. There are no wireless capabilities, so for the same price and in some cases you can spend less and get a better deal. Loyalists of the Covert brand will argue that it is the quality you are paying for, and in some ways that is true. Ideally the buyer will know going in that they are paying for brand quality rather than more features.


Striking an imbalance of sorts in the camera market, the Covert MP8 is a good camera that will go far due to its reliability in the field. Over time better cameras may pass it up in the features, but very few will still be a dependable workhorse.

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