Last Updated: November 11, 2020

Covert Code Black AT&T Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

A good wireless camera is hard to find, which is why the high priced Covert Code Black AT&T Camera is such a huge deal. Buyers that are in the AT&T tower range will have access to their media in ways that no other customer does. This is a camera that does everything right on the surface and may be exactly what the industry needs in order to finally make wireless a default priority when making trail cameras. There are few things holding the technology back and this may push it over the edge.

Covert Wireless Trail Camera Code Black

Covert Code Black AT&T Camera

  • 12MP resolution
  • 1080P video with audio
  • 12 AA batteries
  • 100-foot range
  • HD Video with sound

Key Features


Styling is something that the Covert Code Black AT&T Camera does very well, right down to the antenna. It doesn’t try anything too fancy with its design and looks like every other wireless trail camera on the market. The antenna is curiously longer than on other brands, even their own. This leads to a very complex game of finding a place to put it without obstructing the extra-long antenna. The camo design is pretty run of the mill, and there is no unnecessary bulk to the casing.

Weight & Dimensions

It has a surprising amount of weight to it at 1.1 pounds, which is important when you consider the long antenna getting caught in a wind. Because of the weight and the dimensions of 5.6x4.8x3 inches, it is very well balanced when not as lopsided as it looks in person. Placement will only be hindered by the actual height of the antenna rather than by the size of the unit itself.

Recommended Level

Intermediate and up levels are recommended, although some beginners may be able to get used to the features. The wireless is a pain free setup thanks to AT&T, but may be a hassle for those that don’t have a small amount of technical background. Power users will more than likely take advantage of the sim card format and use other providers not supported in order to lower costs or get a better range.


The way it is built leaves no vulnerabilities, even in bad weather situations. It can withstand severe weather to a point, and won’t have any problems taking great pictures in the process. More than enough wireless models tend to fold when needed in horrible conditions, but this isn’t one of them.

Pictures and Video

But with wireless being the main focus does that mean that photos and video take a backseat to the other functions? Covert trail camera went all out with the power and went for 12MP, so that the camera takes incredible photos and videos. Videos in particular are in high definition and will maintain a level of quality that is unmatched by any other wireless cameras for a very long time. You can expect the pictures to have the same amount of quality as the video.

Battery Usage

Because of the massive amount of power that the wireless will draw, it uses 12AA batteries. The thing is these batteries are very well taken care of with the power saving features of this model. You can expect to get a good amount of months out of it before having to change out the batteries. Unfortunately due to the amount of power output there is no wiggle room with the grade of batteries you have to use, as generic batteries will quickly die out compared to brand name batteries.


For a wireless camera, the battery usage is a huge improvement over older versions. This includes from other brands that last a couple of months and then fizzle out. Up to this point, this is the only wireless camera that is capable of decent battery usage while maximizing the battery levels. Using 12MP, it is on par with the highest tier cameras on the market that lack wireless capability. Videos and photos will come out vibrant and full of life. There is a 2 inch color viewer on the back that make setting up the advanced functions of the camera a breeze. This is also a high quality piece, and one that is missing from several high end cameras. Full 32GB SD card ability to start all of your HD photos and videos.


The opening price is going to be a bit much for customers that want to get their first wireless camera. Because of that, there won’t be many people that buy this as their main wireless camera even though it is an excellent choice. Although it is great with batteries, it still uses 12-that is 4 more than normal cameras of the same size. And without being able to use generic or low cost batteries, the cost of the batteries+camera from the start will be out of the range of a lot of people. To summarize, this is the best wireless camera on the market but also the most expensive.

How Do People View It?

Everyone shares the opinion that this is not only a great camera but an impressive camera period. The media capabilities of the product would sell the camera by itself if Covert wanted it to. When people list their dislikes of the camera it always comes down to the batteries and how long the antenna is. The tradeoff with the antenna is fantastic wireless reception, but it also limits the places that the camera can go. Customers have remarked that it is leagues ahead of any wireless camera they have ever owned, and that they would gladly pay the premium price for it again.


Even at such an expensive price, this is a good value for a wireless camera with HD capability. It is a top tier product and is priced as such. Power users that know how to manipulate the sim card capability will get an even better value as they can get away from ATT&T’s network and onto a competing one. Currently this is the best value in wireless HD trail cameras and won’t get beat anytime soon.

Lasting Appeal

It is hard to gauge the lasting appeal of this camera because of the wireless capabilities. If going by just the resolution, it is very much good for the next 10 years with its 12MP. The ruggedness and durability of it will also guarantee an equally long lifetime, but where the real question comes in is where will the wireless market go? Wireless technology changes yearly, so it may also affect just how strong the signal is from state to state. Realistically because of the wireless, most users are looking at 5 years max with this camera before they have to consider an upgrade.

Personal Opinion

The high entry price may be hard to ignore, yet it is an attractive deal for anyone in a location where wireless is even average. Not having to move your camera to retrieve the media is a huge advantage, and can keep you from disturbing the environment. Make sure to pair it with a 32GB card and set the settings to overwrite old photos and you’ll never have to take it out of position.


Customers should really considering putting up the money necessary to purchase this camera. Every other wireless camera plays second fiddle to its incredible out of the box features. Even if it is out of your price range, there is no better option for a wireless trail camera.

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