Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Bushnell NatureView Cam 119440 HD Max Trail Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

Bushnell NatureView cam 119449 HD Max is a Flagship camera priced at approx $ 440. The camera comes with all the features anyone can think of. Full HD video with sound, Hyper PIR, freeze frame shutter, GPS geo-tag, No glow IR LEDs, Day/ Night auto sensor, Temperature stamp, and hyper night vision are some of the features.

It can be powered by 4-12 AA cells, moreover 12 - volt DC power supply is also available.

Bushnell Natureview HD Cam

Bushnell Natureview HD Cam

  • 2.4 inch color live view screen
  • 1080P HD videos
  • 5 seconds to 60 seconds
  • 14MP full-resolutions Images
  • 1.63 Pounds

Key Features

Quick Facts

  • Trigger Speed: 0.6 seconds
  • Recovery time: 1.7 seconds
  • Detection Range: 60 feet
  • Flash Range: 60 feet (No glow)
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 5.5 inches

Detection Circuit

The Bushnell NatureView Cam 119440 has field scan 2x modes, which triggers photos at an interval of 1 minute to 1 hour chosen by the user. It provides the widest viewing area possible. Unlike all other cameras in time lapse mode, the camera captures the images triggered by the motion of the animals.

Also the camera puts a stamp on every photo it captures, which carries the information of location, moon phase, date, time etc.

The camera has a trigger speed and recovery time of 0.6 second and 1.7 second respectively, which is impressive. The camera covers wide angle view in time laps mode as it uses wide angle lens. In motion detection mode, it has a view angle of 50 degrees.
The camera is capable of detecting animals up to the range of 50 feet.

What About the Picture Quality?

The 119449 trail camera produces excellent picture quality with its 8 MP high quality full color resolution. It uses freeze frame shutter to improve the brightness and sharpness of night time photos. The camera is also capable of recording 1080p videos with audios.

Battery and Power Options

The camera can be powered with 4- 12 AA cells. Since it uses the AA batteries, so we are free to use AA sized alkaline battery or rechargeable Ni-Cd battery. The camera does not come with any cells. You will have to purchase the cells separately. The camera can also be powered with 12 volt DC power supply.

Type and Features

The camera support up to 32 GB of SD card but it doesn't support Wi-Fi SD card. It uses No glow IR LED flash that provides a flash range of 60 feet, which is awesome for No glow IR flash. The camera comes with adjustable Motion detection settings, which has a maximum range of 60 feet. It also has GPS, which automatically inserts the geo-tag to the photos it captures. It can record 1080p videos with a maximum length of 6o seconds.

It has USB 2.0 port to connect to the PC. It comes with two detachable lenses (25 cm and 46 cm) to improve the image quality of close focus images.

Ease of use

Bushnell NatureView cam 119440 HD Max Trail camera comes with 2.5 inches color LCD display, which makes it very easy to operate. It can display the images on the LCD as well. The navigation buttons and user friendly settings make it very easy to use.


The flagship camera seems to be priced little higher than expectation, although flagship camera are not made by keeping the price into consideration instead quality and feature is taken into account. But the camera could be made available for a little lesser price. Hence I’m giving it 4 out of 5 in the price segment.


In a nutshell, Bushnell NatureView Cam 119440 HD Max Trail Camera is a top end camera with all the features that a game camera can come with. The CMOS sensor used in the camera provides really good image quality. The camera is equipped with 2.4 inches color LCD monitor, Hyper night vision technology, removable lenses, GPS geo-tagging, adjustable PIR motion sensor, multi flash modes, Full HD video recording along with audio, Field scan 2x time lapse technology, freeze frame shutter, and many more features which make it worth buying for wildlife enthusiasts even at such a high price.

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