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Bushnell Game Camera

by Allan Lederman

Bushnell brings a revolutionary range of trail cameras for the game enthusiasts. In their own words their cameras have “ruggedness and aggressive styling” that none of the other cameras in this class have. They are made for a refreshing photography experience enhanced with the quality that Bushnell stands for.

Trophy Collection

This collection comes with weather proof and sturdy cameras having long detection range. All cameras except Trophy cam have an 8 MP Resolution. The gem of the Trophy collection is the wireless night vision camera of 7”x4.5”x3” dimension which sends images directly to your personal account on Bushnell’s website. The wireless function is effortless and needs a SIM, which comes with the unit. The HD Max camera is a little more compact and runs on 12 AA batteries.


  • It has adjustable flash and no glow LED.
  • The flash range is an impressive 70 feet.
  • The Trophy cam HD is much more compact at 5.75”x4”x3” and has a limited flash area of 20 Feet.
  • It has the fastest trigger speed of 0.14 Seconds and a detection circuit of 100 feet! However, it is made for great day pictures, night shots fail to impress.
  • The bone collector edition comes with a GPS GeoTag and is solar compatible. Trophy cam is the simplest and basic model in this range.
  • It has a camera of 6 MP and mostly suited for day captures. Compared to its counterparts the trigger speed is a quite slow at 0.8 Seconds.

NatureView Collection

This collection has two weatherproof powerful cameras- HD Max and HD. Both come with a resolution 8 MP and day/ night modes. The detection area spans at 60 feet. HD max is ideal for covert exercise as it is mounted with “No Glow” LEDs and allows a hybrid capture. HD Max also boasts of an amazing video resolution of 1920x1080 compared to the HD, which runs up to only 1080x720p.

Bushnell Trail Camera Review for 2019

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Standard Edition

This is an exceptional trail camera that comes with an astounding camera resolution of 8MP. The feature of full color resolution regardless of the time constraint of day or night ensures maximum experience of picture quality.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Standard Edition is packed with technological features that are surely a way forward to the revolution in this industry. The technological facets ensure that the wildlife is captured via lens in the best possible manner.

As far as the battery timings are concerned, it can go to 1 year. This incredible battery combined with a striking trigger speed of 1-second makes sure that you get flawless quality. Moreover, the Field Scan time-lapse technology proffers a better and wider perspective of the game. The aforementioned feature is very helpful in capturing images in user defined intervals.  Apart from defining the picture capturing interval, this feature is also helpful in keeping a track of huge area. This not only enables you to grab a much larger perspective but also provides a real time experience.

Furthermore, the marvelous video and audio quality will surely impress you. The camera is packed with 32GB card capacity to store the visual data. It is sturdy enough to resist the temperatures ranging from -5 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and the incredible PIR sensor makes it super sensitive to the motion. It has been seen that it can detect motion from a distance of up to 45 feet.

The camera is guaranteed to proffer realistic experience in terms of audio, video, quality and performance. It’s a must-get product if you want to beat your competitors in the game.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Bone Collector Trail Camera

Combining the classy features of remarkable 8MP camera with the capacity of full color resolution, it truly provides the one of the best picture and video qualities that you can find in the market.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Bone Collector Trail Camera is a breakthrough in the technological domain of cameras. Revolutionary in approach and inclined towards the customer satisfaction, this product ensures one the best game experiences that you can get. The battery life is unbelievable with the working span ranging up to 1 year.

To capture real time experience, the trigger speed plays an important role. The camera gets activated within 1 second of the activity detection. The remarkable PIR motion detector can work up to the range of 45 feet. Both the range and trigger speed allow the camera to capture even the minutest of details and motion.

Field Scan time-lapse technology is worthy to mention in this regard. It allows the user to capture the images by defining the time interval between the two captured images. Furthermore, it also allows you to have a wider picture of the site and thus you are rendered more capable of analyzing the site under consideration. This factor puts you at a clear and defined marginal competitive advantage over the other people in the game.

With all the features mentioned, it can be clearly proposed that the camera is packed with the technologically advanced ability of capturing high quality video and audio. Thus, as a hunter it allows you to enjoy the real time experience without being deprived of minute details.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision

Traditional trail cameras were packed with a lot of problems and the hunters had to waste their time dealing with those rather than focusing on the game. Keeping this issue in mind, our team made a decision which aimed at creating a product which would be free from all sorts of problems and provide real time quality experience to the hunters.

In this regard, we produced Bushnell Wireless Trophy Cam which is packed with all the essential features and offers smooth and flawless operation. It combined the awesome features of data sharing via SIM card and extremely easy setting up procedure.

One of the preeminent features of this product is that it can be very easily controlled and commanded by a very simple and easy to use interface based on web. Moreover, the same interface is also present on mobile devices as well.

Being packed with multiple useful features renders this product more preferable over the others in the market. The remote connection via cellular network with the device is extremely useful to stay updated.

To ensure state of the art capturing of details, this camera comes with a Hyper Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) for the detection of heat and a high quality motion sensor to detect motion. These two sensors complement each other to capture the minutest of activities.

Other features include high quality of video and audio which maximizes the real time experience and escalates the definition of details. The modes of operation are very flexible and allow the user to get the most out of this device in an easy and customizable manner. Moreover, the camera works really well in the dark as well without being detected.

Comprehensively, it is easy to use, perfect in performance and works without any glitches.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera with Night Vision, Brown

This incredible product combines all the features that are essential to proffer you an extra edge in the game. The marginal competitive advantage is due to the latest and most advanced technological innovations incorporated in it.

It comes with an awe-inspiring battery life which spans up to 1 year. This allows you to be relieved from the pain of changing the batteries over and over again. It is perfectly attentive to details and respond to any activity within one second of motion detection. This is by virtue of its impressive trigger speed of 1 second. Moreover, the Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor makes it sensitive to the changes in motion as well. Both these features render this product extremely exceptional for the capturing of details.

The superb HD video quality is complemented by the super clear audio. This ultimate efficiency in capturing audio and video escalates the user experience to new heights. The quality of data is real time and allows you to capture the smallest of details.

The Field Scan technology is really impressive in terms of having two windows and allowing the user to capture the details at times of dawn and dusk. This feature renders the device capable of capturing high quality detailed images regardless of the time. Moreover, the black LEDs make it undetectable during the night.

The images are stamped with the information related to date, time, temperature etc. to give maximum information on the topic. Moreover, with the GPS technology every image is associated with the coordinates for the precise detection of location.

Bushnell NatureView HD Max Trail Camera with Night Vision

If you are someone who is very enthusiastic about the game and want to amplify the gaming experience multiple folds then this is the right product for you. It gives you breathtaking and thrilling HD quality to capture the wildlife.

The high definition is truly remarkable and the tough and genuine “camera trap” allows you to get the best video and image capturing experience.

NatureView HD Max is a true marvel which delivers sharpest quality videos. The recording is done in 1080p (HD) which is complemented by the close focus capability to ensure that the sharpness in the images and videos is retained.

The product stays effective in the night time as well. This is by virtue of 32 no-glow LEDs which make sure that all the details are captured regardless of the lighting conditions in the surroundings. Moreover, the LEDs do not glow and keep the camera undetected. Furthermore, there is a special NightVision 60’ Flash which allows the camera to capture the best possible details during the night time.

Apart from these features, this camera offers that there are other intriguing and useful functions which render the device use easy and experience filled.

Bushnell NatureView HD Max Trail Camera with Night Vision has got an 8MP camera which is further complemented by a fast trigger speed which makes it very attentive to detail. Not just this, the battery life spans up to one year and thus it deprives you from the stress of changing the batteries over and over again.

This trail camera is truly great for the game!

Bushnell X-8 6MP Trail Camera with Night Vision and Field Scan

The X-8 is especially designed and manufactured to deliver state of the art efficiency in performance. It is incorporated with all those features which guarantee an escalation in the game experience.

It’s not only the battery that is remarkable in terms of its life of 9 months but there are other features as well which make it different and unique. The reliable battery timings allow you to enjoy the camera experience for longer duration of time without worrying about the battery changing issues. Moreover, the trigger speed in super quick and is valued at one second. This renders it remarkably responsive to the activities happening in the environment.

The camera is truly worth it. Having the resolution of 8MP, the camera is capable of taking detailed images of both 8MP and 5MP as well. The same authenticity and reliability of quality can be seen in the video as well whose resolution is 640x480.

The technology of Field Scan time-lapse allows you to be capture distant details as well. This makes sure that you stay updated and informed with the smallest and tiniest of details. Moreover, the 36 night vision LEDs allows it to capture the details even at the night time. Combine this feature with a long range of 45 feet and you get the best results of detail capture.

The SD card slot that supports up to 32 GBs is used to store the images which are stamped to provide detailed information about the time, date, temperature and other details about the image.

It is a perfect choice if you are seeking something that combines economy and performance.

Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera with Night Vision

The Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential is perfect for someone who is need of remarkable performance complemented by durability at an astounding worth. It is a true breakthrough in the technological world of trail and game camera.

This product comes with a 6 MP camera which produces really good image quality. On top of that, it features 32 low-glow LEDs which render this product extremely useful for capturing detailed images even at night. Moreover, the low-glow makes the camera undetectable during the night while capturing the images.

The product also comes with Field Scan technology which allows you to capture a large area and stay informed and updated about the site under consideration. Moreover, it also allows you to capture images at intervals of your own choice. The video mode is exceptionally great and gives complete information on the activities happening at the region.

In terms of functionality, the product is really remarkable. It has been designed to opt for different functions during day and night. The day time is marked with a function that makes the camera take high resolution images while the night time is characterized by the camera’s ability to switch to night vision and work accordingly.

The video mode is programmed to record the clips ranging from 1-60 seconds with audio. The battery performance and lifespan is truly exceptional. You can live without worrying to change the batteries for a year. The storage is supported by a 32GB card in an SD slot which can save up to 20,000 images before they are moved to some other storage device.

It will definitely let you have an awesome experience in the game!

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