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Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector Trail Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

As another great camera in Bushnell’s lineup, the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector Edition has the supreme honor of being a collectable.  Anyone that is looking for a legendary trail camera or home security product will want the balance that the camera offers, even though it is on the high end of the price range.

There really is a lot to love with this model and it is easy to see why Bushnell made it a collector’s edition. Look for several people to regard this as one of the better products out of their entire lineup. It is one that will last for years, even after more high profile cameras eclipse other brands.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Bone Collector Trail Camera

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

  • 8-megapixel Night Vision
  • 45-foot PIR motion activated sensor
  • 32GB SD card compatible
  • Black and white text LCD display
  • Up to one year of battery life
  • One second trigger speed

Key Features


The collector’s edition bone style is pretty interesting due to the colors and materials used. While it obviously excels for trail hunting camouflage, in many situations it also works great for home security. It is up to the user to find the best placement for the latter, but it is doable and something that a lot of cameras in its category can’t do. The case is really nice, but what would you expect from a collector’s edition? If going by that alone, this may very well be one of the best cases ever made for a trail camera.

Recommended Level

Most notably the advanced feature set of the camera is better used in the hands of intermediate users and up. There is a lot to play with in the camera, and using the wrong setting can spell bad pictures for a user. Intermediate users will be alright using all of the cameras settings, and will usually find the sweet spot for pictures and videos within the week. Previous users of the original edition will benefit the most with the enhanced features added in the collector’s edition. Hobbyist can jump on the bandwagon by default since this is a collector’s item, and one that is becoming increasingly rare with each passing day.


With the styling being so good in this collectible edition, there were worries that it would come at the cost of durability. That however isn’t true, and customers will get the best of both worlds with this model. The casing can withstand a surprising amount of damage, which is no surprise since the original could as well. The redesigned case isn’t any more reinforced than the original, but it also isn’t any weaker. Weather may chip away at the design over the years, but as far as the internals they will be fully protected from bad weather. This is about as good a case as you’re going to get in a collector’s edition of any kind.


As a collector’s edition it has all of the goodies of the original with some extra features added for stabilization. The PIR sensor is very active and can be activated as far out as 60ft. even at night. Trigger speed champions on at a blazing fast 0.2 seconds, one of the fastest in the industry. The weather proof casing is both durable and great to look at. In its current state it can take temperatures from -5 to 140 degrees, handling even the wildest of weather. Can handle all the way up to class 10 when it comes to SD cards, ensuring smooth video playback on any device.


Not really a con, but it will be hard to get your hand on a couple of these as they have recently become rare due to collectors. The design is beautiful but over the years will begin to chip and peel from the casing. Support for class 10 SD cards is recommended solely for the HD video capture, which can turn out choppy on other versions. This is one of the highest priced collector’s edition camera of any maker, with the original being just as good. LCD display is in black and white only, which is a huge letdown if you do a lot of media browsing on your device.

Included Accessories

Like the rest of the cameras in Bushnell’s lineup, the 8MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector Edition comes with a high grade adjustable web belt and ¼-20 socket for making precise adjustments. This is the standard for their top of the line cameras, and the web belt is no stranger to use. Buyers can perform complicated actions with it like hanging a camera from a branch a couple of feet in the air. It opens up a world of new places to hide your camera, and it also gives you extra leverage if you just want to strap it to something stable.


You’ll get immediate value on the purchase since it is a collector’s edition. Hobbyist may not even take it out of the box, further enjoying the rarity and value it represents. The casing is really one of a kind, and inside of it is a trail camera that has received numerous accolades for being one of the best Bushnell ever offered. You get a lot for the money, and when comparing price vs. performance it comes out pretty equal across the board. Even buyers of the original 8MP Trophy cam should consider purchasing this version, as it really is a nice camera.

Lasting Appeal

As this was reintroduced into the market from a previous camera, the lasting appeal will be pretty solid. Expect a good decade out of it with high use, especially with it having tweaked features over the original. When the original fades out this one will be going strong for a little while more, which is why some original owners should consider purchasing a second one for backup. The amount of people that have gotten used to Bushnell products has grown, so getting used to this edition will be a snap. The only thing to look out for is the casing giving way over the years.

Best Comparison

The original is the best comparison, although the collector’s edition is now the better performer. There was a lot of talk about the design of the original vs. the collector’s edition. The original had a style and color that made it ideal for home and outdoor use, without a loss of camouflage in either. While the collector’s edition isn’t strictly trail based, the styling makes it harder to use for home security. Buyers should stick to their guns and choose the version that best describes what they are trying to accomplish with their setup. In a best case scenario you can just choose both and use them to their strengths.

Personal Opinion

A reboot of one of the best cameras on the market, the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector Edition is a great camera that everyone should look into buying. Even if they pass up on this great camera, the original is still a solid choice for anyone that wants great photos or video. The quality is unsurpassed, and it will be around for a very long time.


Make of it what you will, but Bushnell knows when they have a good product. This was a perfect storm from the start by remaking a classic, and it is a great value for anyone that wants the best of the best.

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