Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera Review


Bushnell is a world leader for a factor, and also this streamlined looking Bushnell 8MP Trophy Camera HD is an additional reason why. The firm didn’& rsquo; t take any shortcuts in introducing the product to the public to much fanfare. Besides being among one of the most effective on the market, it is one of the better high cost path video cameras that can be acquired and depended on for several years. Buyers can anticipate to get a lot of mileage out of this electronic camera, and also all without ponying up a severe quantity of cash. For a price vs. performance option, it is great and well worth the money.

Bushnell 8MP Prize Cam

  • 8 MP top notch complete shade resolution

  • 1-3 pictures per trigger

  • SD Card Slot with 32GB capacity

  • Hybrid Capture Setting

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  • 0.6-second trigger rate

  • Weather evidence

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Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam


It’& rsquo; s concerning as specialist looking as you can get, and also utilizes an extremely dark brownish that helps all home protection or path hunting. It will mix right into practically any type of setting with no added assistance on your end. The camera was made to be generally made use of, so going with the dark brownish was an excellent choice for all involved. The casing has a loophole on the end so that you can obtain innovative with the positioning. Anticipate to spend a lot of cash for an additional brand with this designing of instance. This has to do with as low priced as you’& rsquo; re going to get without getting involved in the enthusiast’& rsquo; s version for

This is an intriguing mix since it leans more towards intermediate and up, with advanced individuals being the bread and butter. Advanced users more than any type of team will certainly be able to maximize the functions of the video camera. Intermediate users can capture up in time, and will certainly get user out of a number of the excellent features of this Bushnell. However where does that leave newbies? Although the camera isn’& rsquo; t geared towards beginners in a way that is user friendly, the device is still helpful as a trail searching and home safety and security tool for novices. If they are willing to find out the advanced features of the cam gradually, after that things will proceed generally as if they were an intermediate customer.


Bushnell had no selection yet to make the case on this video camera solid, due to the costly parts on the within. It is a fine situation that is very well made. There are not a problem opening it, and it just needs a little pressure. Decline won’& rsquo; t trouble the internals, and also your camera won’& rsquo; t go flying to the opposite side of the forest also if something or someone knocks it down. Climate doesn’& rsquo; t trouble it as well as it is simply a well-rounded terrific situation, which is extremely crucial when acquiring a pricey video camera. Anticipate this case to continue to impress those that have actually never ever possessed a Bushnell before.

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A high definition 8MP cam that can take 1-3 solid images per trigger. Full HD video clip of 1280×& times; 720 with sound that can be taped as much as 60 seconds. The length of the video is entirely programmable, so you can specify it based on just how much area is left. Crossbreed capture mode lets you take pictures and video clip at the same time, an attribute found only in Bushnell devices. Geotag information is immediately included in each picture and also video clip you take, and also on 8AA batteries the cam develops to a full year. With the expansions to the PIR system, media is crisp whether it is absorbed the daytime or the nighttime.


The cost may run out grab the usual client, as others might decide to visit the following rate down. The system can run on 4AA or 8AA batteries, but to get the complete power out of the system you want to obtain name brand name. Choosing a common set of batteries will certainly cause the power to fizzle out a lot earlier than anticipated. As one of the luxury products in their schedule, it is still only 8MP overall. Bumping it as much as 10 or 12 would have been the better alternative considering that this is one of the better examined versions.

Included Devices

With an adjustable web belt as well as included & frac14; outlet to tighten it, this poor boy is ready to go out of the box. You can hang or position it anywhere, as well as with its ideal weight of only 1 extra pound, expect for your creativity to go wild. The web belt is on the exact same high quality level as the cam, and also will hold up well over the years also under heavy misuse. The device is additionally external power compatible, which saves a great deal of cash on purchasing batteries all year. Outside attachments are cheap and won’& rsquo; t spend a lot, so it is recommended to purchase it together with the camera if you require it.


Effective and totally included, this is a significant worth out of package. It has whatever you require to start with HD pictures and also video clips. The style makes it suitable for home and also outdoor usage, with the ideal balance in between both. All the components of high quality as well as will certainly do wonders when tired to their restriction. As well as years from now the value of the video camera will remain largely the exact same, do the just how much futureproofing was taken into the product. While the 8MP electronic camera might have been modify better to forecast industry criteria, it is still a really effective resolution that will certainly fetch you some wonderful media.

Long-term Appeal

It will be around for a long time in your toolbox, and won’& rsquo; t discolor in high quality. HD video cameras are difficult to come by that are this fully included, and considering that it is a Bushnell item it has long life just based upon name alone. You won’& rsquo; t get any far better than this unless you go to a cordless camera or 12MP video camera. So for every one of your demands this will certainly virtually satisfy them for many years, maintaining you from needing to replace the camera for at least a years of usage. You won’& rsquo; t demand one more cam for a very long time.

Ideal Contrast

The enthusiast’& rsquo; s version of the Bushnell 8MP Prize Camera HD is made basically the very same with a various casing and comparable cost. Additionally some of the features of the initial have been fine-tuned to perform much better. The enthusiast’& rsquo; s version is the exceptional variation part wise, yet the housing of the original may be liked by those that want an indoor as well as outside electronic camera. Either one functions fine, but one of the most global one is going to be the initial Bushnell 8MP Trophy Web Cam HD. If you purely want an outside trail searching camera, then go for the collection agency’& rsquo; s version that assimilates well with the atmosphere.

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Individual Opinion

This is an upper tier camera that is entitled to every one of the terrific reviews it gets. Anticipate for the firm to really obtain gains on this video camera also years after its introduction. There is a reason that they made an enthusiast’& rsquo; s edition, and also despite brand-new route cameras being constructed day-to-day it remains one of the very best.


Supremely helpful for both indoor and outdoor usage, this is among the very best route cams money can purchase. It’& rsquo; ll carry out up to specifications and also be your primary go to tool for any kind of task you appoint that calls for a HD resolution.

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Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera Review
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