Last Updated: November 12, 2020

Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera Review

by Allan Lederman

The infamous Bushnell continues to impress with the high priced Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera. Bushnell went all out with this model, giving customers exactly what they’ve been asking for since the last model. It isn’t as powerful as their other products, but there is a certain charm to it that may attract different types of users.

Expect to use this product for years if it really catches your interest, despite the outdated hardware. Mileage out of the camera will come down to just what you need it to do, whether that is trail hunting or home security. The value will show itself depending on how long it remains your top Bushnell product.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

  • 8 MP high-quality full color resolution
  • 1-3 images per trigger
  • SD Card Slot with 32GB capacity
  • Hybrid Capture Mode
  • 0.6-second trigger speed
  • Weather proof

Key Features


Black and sleek, it is the perfect color and texture for both trail hunting and home security. It can hide in plain sight and still be effective, even without the camo design. Home security users will benefit the most from the look, as they can use it on the inside and outside of their homes without it drawing any red flags from intruders.

Weight & Dimensions

You’re looking at 10x7.8x2.2 inches and 8 ounces. It is extremely light for its size which is interesting, since at first glance you’d think it weighed over a pound. That just opens the doors for the opportunity to do more with the unit, with its specific dimensions making a great camera to play hide and seek with.

Recommended Level

All levels should be comfortable using the camera, with a slight preference for intermediate users. This doesn’t have the ease of the use of normal products like a Moultrie for beginners, and it doesn’t offer enough advanced power settings for professional users like Bushnell. It is right in that sweet spot area where everyone is happy.


Even with the low weight, the camera is made to take hits. The case is built for tough love right out of the box and will not falter even in the worst of conditions. Expect this to hold up as good as or better than any heavy duty camera you’ve ever owned. It can withstand temperatures as low as -5 to as high as 140 degrees.

Pictures and Video

This is where things get a little hairy for those that want to use this as their main camera. With only a 6MP resolution, video is not good, but pictures are pretty solid. You’re looking a pictures that come out looking like they were taken by an 8MP camera. The results are solid during the day or night when it comes to pictures, and they always look fully detailed and colorful. But once again, video is just a no go on this device, so if you’re looking for it then you’ll be disappointed.

Battery Usage

With the low megapixel count on the camera most people will get a good amount of use out of the batteries. Eight AA batteries will power a single unit for up to a year, with fantastic power saving settings. There really is no need to worry about external power even with the default settings in place.


Pictures come out looking sharp and colorful despite the low resolution. Batteries are well taken care of in the unit with supreme power saving methods, and can last up to a year with moderate use. Video length is up to 60 seconds and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the card. The LCD display is easy to read, even though it is in black and white text. Set comes with adjustable web belt and ¼-20 socket. Case is solid and weatherproof, able to take a lot of hits. Up to 20,000 images can be snapped on one charge.


Even if the 6MP resolution takes great photos, it is outdated by a large margin. The video is in substandard 480p, and does not look good on modern TV screens. Hybrid capture is not part of the feature set since this is one of Bushnell’s lower tier models, and probably wouldn’t have worked well since the video is so far below the picture quality. The price is too high for the specifications offered, and this is really a budget camera being sold for a premium price. For the same price they should have packaged it with an SD card at the very least.

How Do People View It?

Overall it is surrounded by favorable reviews, as a firmware update has resolved some of the issues early adopters have had with the camera. There was a bug that would lose the date and time of the camera whenever you turned it off, and that sparked a lot of the early negative reviews. Customers have heaped praise on the power management of the system, saying that generic batteries can work in the system just fine, which usually isn’t the case for a Bushnell product. Many consider this to be one of the easiest to operate Bushnell models for beginners, even without the manual being read through.


Gauging the value is going to depend on whether you get an updated firmware out of the box or not. It is vital to make sure you’re on the latest firmware so that any and all current bugs are remedied. Not everyone is going to know how to do this, nor will everyone want to even bother doing this. With that in mind and considering the fact that this is vastly overpriced, the value really isn’t that good.

Lasting Appeal

Outdated the moment it leaves the box, lasting appeal is less than 2-3 years tops. For a game camera it really suffers on several fronts, but fares a little better with home security. This is a nice camera to use in that setting, but if you’re a hunter then forget about using this long-term, as there are plenty of better and cheaper options available.


Buyers looking for this model will be satisfied with the current levels, which reflect a strong and supportive customer base. Bushnell has a loyal following so this item isn’t going extinct anytime soon. One thing to look out for is if they decide to bundle this in a package and resell at a discount, something that would be awesome.

Personal Opinion

It’s hard to recommend a camera that is as overpriced as the Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera. While the night vision and great pictures are a plus, the 6MP is almost offensive to what is available today. Granted a Bushnell 6MP is like a Moultrie 8MP, that still doesn’t mean it should come out of the box so underpowered.

Customers that are going to spend a lot of money on a camera deserve to get something futureproof or in the niche category. If it helps, most of the customers that have purchased this product have been overjoyed with its reliability, so that helps in some ways.


Die hard Bushnell fans will love this inclusion to the list of trail cameras to get, while others will look for better deals elsewhere. There is a quality cam in this model, but not at the current price. Buyers will be better off spending their money on a more recent unit.

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