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Simmons trail cams are known to be reputable, simple to use and reasonable priced contrasted to various other brands of path electronic camera. Though there are just four versions that have been introduced by Simmons; there is no compromise on features and also specifications required of a path electronic camera.

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  • The 4 versions introduced are –– 119 234C, 236C, 421C and also 422C.
  • All of them feature a 32 GB SD card and also video clip mode.
  • 234C is a reduced end video camera with resolution setting of 2-4 MP as well as a minimal discovery circuit of 25 ft. 15 Glow LEDs spread the flash area to a mere 25 feet.
  • 236C has a 5-6 MP resolution with discovery location of 30 feet as well as flash circuit of 40 ft. The battery life is 6 months as it makes use of 4 AA batteries.
  • 421C is much more advanced with 3 resolution setups- 3, 5 and also 7 MP. It has a detection location and flash location of 45 ft.
  • 422C is the only invisible cam, which comes with 32 “& ldquo; no radiance & rdquo; LEDs that cover 45 feet of ground. Amongst the Simmons cameras, it likewise boasts of the highest battery life of 9 months.
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Simmons Trail Camera
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