Reconyx Trail Camera


Reconyx is cameras are solid and job terrific for the hunting games. Both series of camera line are Hyperfire as well as Ultrafire and also they are advanced; and give a power packed performance.

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  • There are three versions under this brand name of outdoor electronic cameras- HC500, 550 and 600, lug a guarantee of 1 year and do not have video mode.
  • They include a hd, 3.5 Megapixel resolution with small constructed of 5.5”& rdquo; x4.5 & rdquo; x3 & rdquo;. They are weatherproof as well as have a quick trigger rate of 1/5th of a second.
  • Among them, HC600 is an invisible no radiance camera with a flash series of 60 feet whereas 500 and 550 have only 50 and also 30 feet specifically.
  • HC 600 as well as 550 use 12 AA lithium batteries whereas HC500 can operate with alkaline batteries too.


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  • It has a resolution series of approximately 8 MP and also has video clip mode too.
  • It has undetectable LEDs with a flash range of 80 ft. With 2 years of warranty, the only inadequate attribute this electronic camera has is a sluggish trigger activity of 1 secondly. It utilizes rechargeable lithium batteries and is weatherproof.

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Reconyx Trail Camera
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