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Primos has actually introduced their series of electronic cameras in the name of “& ldquo; Truth & rdquo; camera. They have six video cameras with range of attributes to provide your searching experience an edge over the others.

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The Fact Web cam

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  • Truth Web cam 35 is a simple cam with 3 MP resolution as well as 40 ft of detection array with a really sluggish trigger function of 1.5 seconds.
  • Ultra 35 is slightly much better at 1 2nd and also 4 MP resolution. It is fitted with Camo LED. Ultra 46 HD is 7MP high definition capture video camera with a jaw going down 100 ft of detection location! With 0.7 seconds of trigger feature, 9 months of battery life and also 46 LED mounted Infrared detection it is a terrific buy.
  • Supercharged power outage justifying its name can be fitted with 24 batteries prolonging the period of your journey by 3 times.
  • It has an 80ft of detection array and uses 60 LEDs. Web Cam El Power outage is an unseen cam with 60 “& ldquo; no glow & rdquo; LEDs and also 35ft of range but offers a resolution of 4 MP only. Supercharged Power outage is the most effective video camera in regards to attributes.

It integrates the 7 MP resolution, port for 24 batteries and unseen surveillance with a respectable 55 ft of flash range.

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