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Cuddeback cams give your hunting experience an upper hand with their functional variety of cams with a fantastic resolution and also super-fast trigger rate of 1/4th of a second. Neatly separated in different categories, you can pick according to your concerns and requirements.

Flash & & Black Flash Cameras

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  • C23 design come with an option of IR as well as black flash technology modules that can be used based on the problems as well as requirement.
  • The IR component has a long flash variety of 100 feet and Black flash, 50 ft. C123 Multi Flash video camera has an added option with a Colour flash with a 50 feet array; this flash gives an edge to colour photographs taken during the night.
  • They all come with 20 MP resolution, finest in its class! Black flash video cameras have E3, C3, Assault and also Ambush designs.
  • E3 as well as C3 are almost similar with 50ft array, 2 Watt unseen track and 20 MP resolution. Assault as well as Ambush have 5 MP photo quality and a 50 ft insurance coverage; nonetheless, attack black flash has a D powered battery whereas Ambush utilizes conventional AA. Both the designs do not support video clip with audio.

Long Range Cameras

This classification has four electronic cameras and all of them have a 100 ft flash protection and are AA battery powered except Attack collection which utilizes D batteries. IR E2 and also C2 have 20 MP resolution and also Strike and also Ambush include 5 MP. The day images are coloured and night pictures, black & & white.

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Color Cameras

All these cameras come fitted with shade flash which supplies top quality night and day shade pictures. Shade C is the most effective model which includes 20 MP resolution whereas the Strike and also Ambush have a plain 5 MP resolution. All the video cameras have a sensible range of 50 ft. Cuddeback is powered by D batteries unlike the other two models which are AA powered.

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